Plenty of Choices: Is it MidCity or Mid City?

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At 14th and P NW is the Mid City Deli, which is also called the Mid City Fish Market on the P Street sign. The MidCity Caffe opened more recently on 14th between Corcoran and R Streets NW. But there’s more! (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Tom Hay

The recent branding meetings for the Arts District centered around 14th and U NW includes discussion on a name for the district. The boundaries of the proposed Arts District stretch from 16th to 7th Street NW and from Florida to Massachusetts Avenue NW.

Among the potential names that have been tossed around is “Mid City” or “MidCity.”  The Mid City name is familiar to many in the Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods, since it is used frequently to identify with the 14th and U Street corridors.

So, we thought is would be a good time to give you a “Guide to all the Mid Cities” or perhaps it’s “MidCities.” Here is some background on the organizations, businesses, and even a blog, who have adopted the Mid City/MidCity name.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what the name means to you, how it should be written–and please let us know if we have left anyone out.

Mid City Artists – Nearly 40 artists who call Dupont and Logan Circle their home formed this group to promote their artwork and the neighborhood where they live. Mid City Artists sponsors a twice yearly “Open Studios,” which give visitors an opportunity to see the unique studio spaces in the area. The next one is November 6-7.

MidCity Business Association – This organization represents many of the business owner along the 14th and U Street corridors. The MidCity Business Association also sponsors the annual Dog Days” Sidewalk Sale each August, the popular event just celebrated its 11th anniversary. They are also the force behind the Third Thursday events when participating stores stay open late and offer special promotions on the Third Thursday of each month.

MidCity Residents Association – This is an incorporated neighborhood association, founded in 1996, with membership open to any resident, business or property owner in the MidCity neighborhood. The boundaries of the Association are Florida Avenue to the north, Thomas Circle to the south, 15th Street to the west, and 9th Street to the east. MCRA works to “promote the smart development of the MidCity neighborhood and to protect the quality of life of residents, businesses and property owners in this community.” This group is one of the four organizations in the Arts District branding project.

MIDCITY DC – This monthly publication covers 14th & U, Logan Cicle, Shaw and Bloomingdale. MIDCITY DC is published by Capital Community News (Hill Rag, East of the River).

MidCity Design District – This blog is devoted to all the design related happenings along the 14th and U Street corridors. Check it out for news, events and a directory related to art and home furnishings at the area retailers and galleries.

MidCity Caffe – The sign says MidCity, but the website says Mid City. This coffeehouse located above Miss Pixie’s at 1626 14th Street opened in 2009. They offer everything an urban hipster could want: great coffee, pastries, free WiFi and plenty of electrical outlets.

Mid City Deli / Fish Market – No survey of  Mid City would complete without this neighborhood landmark at the corner of 14th and P… such an interesting contrast to the upscale restaurants that are opening along 14th Street. Even if you haven’t tried their takeout, you have probably experienced the sights and smells as you walked by the place. There seems to be a love it/hate it reaction among newly arrived locals. Some would love to see it close, while just as many can appreciate the quirkiness about it that gives the corner some personality. While I am not a fan of the cuisine, I would hate to see this be replaced by another bank or chain franchise.

And for the record, there used to be a MidCity Yoga studio at 1910 14th Street NW.

Tom Hay is a business and general news contributor to Borderstan. A 23-year resident of the neighborhood, he is a law librarian by profession.


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