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Robert Wiener spent 20 years in accounting and finance before taking his first art glass class. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Cecile Oreste at danceDC

About seven years ago, DC native Robert Wiener attended the visual and performing art showcase Artomatic. At the event, a glass installation caught his eye and he decided to purchase the piece. He later ran into the artist who created the glass installation and was invited to attend an art glass class at his school. Twenty or so classes later, Wiener knew that creating glass art was something he wanted to pursue.

In addition to taking classes in the DC area, Wiener learned different glass art techniques from instructors at The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. At Corning, one of his teachers encouraged Wiener to take a step back and explore what glass art meant to him. In response, he stopped taking classes to focus on creating his own style which he continues to refine today.

You can tour Wiener’s studio space on Corcoran Street NW during Mid City Artists Open Studios weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 6-7.

Wiener’s glass art has a distinct look. Most of his work is part of the Colorbar Murrine Series, which he developed by joining the hot glass technique with the kilnformed, warm glass process. He also incorporates mosaic techniques to create impressive multi-color designs. According to Wiener, one of the biggest compliments he receives is when people recognize his work even if it is not clearly labeled with his name.

When Wiener first started out, he participated in wholesale retail shows in Baltimore, Philadelphia and other major cities. He would exhibit his work at a booth and would be approached by gallery and store owners alike. Wiener preferred using this method to generate interest in his work instead of sending information in the mail to various art organizations.


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15th Street bike lane

The reconfigured 15th Street NW traffic pattern and bike lanes between Massachusetts Avenue and U Street were put into place in October 2009. (DDOT)

From Tom Hay

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has begun work on the extension of the 15th Street NW separated or “cycle track” bike lanes. The first phase of the bike lanes were completed in November 2009 and run southbound from U Street NW to Massachusetts Avenue on the west side next to the curb. Riders northbound share a lane with traffic.

Extension of Lanes

The extension will continue to Pennsylvania Avenue on the south and W Street on the north. Long term plans call for a further extension north to Euclid Street NW. In addition, the bike lanes will now be two-way. Work is expected to take several weeks.

Pilot Project Results

DDOT has also released a detailed report on the pilot project, interim results and next steps. Among the noteworthy benefits of the bike lanes has been a reduction in the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and an increase in the number of bicyclists utilizing 15th Street.

The report noted, and many nearby residents agree, that bicyclists are not the only ones using the dedicated lanes. Joggers, scooters, wheelchairs, pedestrians and skateboarders are also frequently seen using the lanes.

In recent years the District has acknowledged the importance of bicycles in the transportation mix. The DDOT Bicycle Master Plan lays out future plans for a more bicycle friendly city.

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Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan dc theaters

Get the listing of shows at local theaters in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

This weekend is your only chance to see Ganymede Arts perform Go West, Little Edie at go mama go! on 14th Street NW. Circle Mirror Transformation has also been extended at Studio Theatre — Sunday is the final day to see the show.

Get full details below the fold for these shows plus info about other shows in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area.


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14th & U Farmers Market

Market breads. (Alejandra Owens)

From Alejandra Owens at One Bite At A Time

Oh me, oh my! Folks, this is a busy weekend! Raise your hand if you have folks in town for (1) Halloween (2) the Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally and/or (3) the annual Marine Corps Marathon. (*meekly raises hand*)

But before you head to the National Mall Saturday morning, walk over to the 14th and U Farmers Market — it’s open from 9 am to 1 pm. While the food line up (details below) is great, I think the best part of this weekend’s market might be the Halloween costume contest for kids and dogs.

Judging starts at 11:00 am, so get there early and get your shopping done. But, stick around for the festivities. Prizes will be awarded for best girl, boy and dog costumes. Pulp on 14th Street has donated prizes for the kids.

Saturday Offerings

Robin from the 14th & U Farmers Market notes a few handy snacks for your guests — all available at this weekend’s market:

Baguette and Apple butter, croissants and jam, those terrific Panorama square multi-grain rolls with pumpkin seeds. Slather a few with one of Cherry Glen’s goat cheeses and top with sliced heirloom tomatoes. I am very partial to the blue ribbon Chipotle which starts out creamy, turns smoky and ends with a kick. But the chevre is also good paired with one of Copper Pot’s jams-with-attitude. Kuhn and McCleaf have a wide variety of apples between them. Take some cider along, too and a pint or two of cherry tomatoes. You could even slice up a small smoked ham for a picnic.

Sweet Tooth?

And for those of us with a (very strong) sweet tooth:

Pecan Meadow may be snack central on Saturday. Introduce your out-of-town friends to their pumpkin whoopie pies. Ryan also has peanut buttered popcorn  popped from his Indian Corn and his huge slices of his addictive Dried Honeycrisp Apples. Half sprinkled with cinnamon, half plain. Mini carrot cakes, carrot and pumpkin sweet breads and maybe some individual apple crisps and pies.

Who has the best pet costume this year? Plan on bringing your pooch down? I’ll be there taking photos!

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Borderstan map

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From Michelle Lancaster

What You Need to Know: Sanity and Fear Weekend

In case you have been hiding from all forms of media, you know by now that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central fame have arrived in D.C. in advance of their weekend rallies, “The Rally to Restore Sanity” and “March to Restore Fear” respectively. What do you need to know to survive the weekend? Here’s what Metro and driving will look like, thanks to DCist. Before you hit the bars, see where the crowd may head, based on the guide compiled by Brightest Young Things and plan accordingly.

Real Fear from WMATA Terror Plot

Federal law enforcement officials made an arrest in a plot to bomb Metro stations Wednesday morning, raising new fears of possible terrorist targets in D.C. The arrest was the result of an undercover sting operation. Farooque Ahmed of Ashburn is alleged to have conspired with people he thought to be Al Qaeda operatives in casing stations for possible targets. Full story can be found at Washington Post

West End Cinema to Open Today

While we may not be getting Visions on Florida Ave. reopened anytime soon, we nonetheless applaud the effort to restore the always excellent combination of movies and booze. It’s at 2301 M St. and will offer a full bar and a range of movies. More information can be found at their site,

Lions and Moats, Oh My!

Yeah, we’re borrowing shamelessly from every other news outlet in the city and ending our news roundup with fluff, in this case, lion fluff. You can make a tie in to Halloween, you can blame it on Stewart and Colbert sucking up all the ink but one thing is for sure – they are an adorable way to end your week. DCist has plenty of pictures.

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14th Street NW, District Condos,

The residential and retail development will span the S to Swann Street block on the west side of 14th Street NW. Shown above is the old Whitman-Walker Building at 14th and S Streets NW. (Luis Gomez Photos).

From Tom Hay

In a confluence of interest, developers, real estate agents, politicians, local business owners and residents gathered at Garden District, 14th and S Streets NW, on Wednesday. The occasion was the the naming announcement of the condo and retail development planned for the northwest corner of the intersection.

Demolition of the current buildings, except for the Whitman-Walker facade, should begin soon.

The site includes the historic building that housed the Whitman Walker Clinic and the properties north to Swann Street. Early in the presentation, the banner on the former Clinic building was released: the name of the luxury project will be District Condos. JBG is working with the international developer Grosvenor on the project.

Mark Darley, a Senior VP of Grosvenor, commented in his remarks that “the market has returned.”

Councilmembers Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) attended the event. Evans acknowledged that although the project was in his ward, Graham’s ward was just across the street, to the east.

Graham has strong ties to the building and the neighborhood. He served as director of the Whitman Walker Clinic from 1984 until election to the City Council in 1998. Graham recounted the successes of the clinic in its early days, and commented that the building now slated to be part of the development was purchased for $1.25 million in 1986.


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Luis Gomez Photos U Street NW Logan Circle art galleries

Get listings for 10 galleries in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Saturday is the last day to catch two artists at Irvine Contemporary on 14th Street: Phil Nesmith’s “Flow,” and Bruno Perillo’s “Uniform.” It’s also the final day to see “Fairy Tale Meets Flesh” from James Rieck and Jonathan Monaghan at Hamiltonian Gallery on U Street NW. Hours for both galleries are in the listing below the fold.

There are new exhibitions opening this weekend as well. Friday night is the opening reception at Long View for Scott Brooks’ exhibit, “We The People.” On Saturday, Transformer Gallery on P Street NW hosts an open house for their new exhibit, “Tang: Freedom & Its Owner.Visitors can enjoy Lillie Ruth Bussey and flavored coffees and chocolates by ACKC from 1pm to 7pm.

Below the fold: listings for these galleries plus Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery (DC Jewish Community Center),Curator’s Office, Project 4 Gallery, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery, gallery plan b and Hemphill Fine Arts.


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Ross School serves Grades 1 through 5. (Courtesy Ross Elementary School)

From Michelle Bradbury

Thursday at 1 pm Ross Elementary School on R St. is hosting the Inaugural Ross Cup – a playoff-style soccer match between the Kindergarten and 1st Grade teams. Members of the community are invited to watch the fun, which will be held on the Ross Astrotruf Turf Athletic Facility at 1730 R St. NW.

Michael Feldstein (ANC 2B-01), Will Stephens (ANC 2B-08) and Aaron DeNue (one of the organizers of the June 12 World Cup Soccer in the Circle event) obtained a signed DC United photograph and posters for the teams.

Stephens is chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B, while Feldstein is vice chair.

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From Tom Hay

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This month saw the opening of Blue Planet Scuba at 1761 S St. NW, near the intersection of 18th and S, downstairs below Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro.

Everyone I tell about this business has almost the same response: “So, do they expect you to scuba dive in the Tidal Basin?” Definitely not, but you can get certified without ever leaving D.C.

The store will have an official grand opening Saturday Nov. 6, 11 am to 5 pm. Blue Planet Scuba will offer discounts on classes, giveaways and door prizes.

The Dive Masters

The retail store is owned and operated by Heather Tallent, Matt Kavanagh and Jonas Furberg. The three have impressive credentials in their professional lives and all, of course, share a passion for diving and the environment. The owners have been involved in diving for many years but teamed up about a year ago to teach, and then came up with a vision for the retail store.

Tallent summed up the store’s philosophy for me:

The three words we try to remember are education, conservation, and adventure. We’re creating a different kind of dive operation: we are going to provide personalized attention and small, high-quality classes that we think people should expect in scuba.


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Tuesday evening on 17th St. NW: Mayor Adrian Fenty gets a lift at the Annual High Heel Race. (Luis Gomez Photos)

17th Street High Heel Race Luis Gomez Photos

Click on the image to see photos from Tuesday night’s 17th Street High Heel Race 2010, including pre-race parade pics. (Luis Gomez Photos).

Check out Luis’ photos from Tuesday night of the pre-race parade of costumes on 17th Street. has video, with report from Amanda Hess: “Are Drag Queens Feminists?”

Be sure to take this week’s Reader Poll on the landing page: “For guys only: Ever dressed in drag?”

It was the 25th running of the annual 17th Street High Heel Race, with volunteers, parade marshals, police and tens of thousands of revelers. JR’s Bar and Grille started the event in 1986 right after it opened at 17th and Church St. NW. What started out 24 years ago as a small neighborhood event has turned into one of the most popular Halloween-week events in the DC Metro area.

One estimate put last night’s crowd on 17th Street between P and Riggs at 60,000 people.

Moreover, the High Heel Race is officially a “First Amendment event,” according to an article in yesterday’s Examiner. Rightly so, but it’s also an awfully lot of fun.

The 2010 event was sponsored by the Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets (HDCMS) program and JR’s Bar and Grill. The High Heel Race is always held the Tuesday before Halloween (unless it falls on the 31st, of course). While the race takes place at 9 pm, the two-or-so hours leading up to the race are the best part of the evening. Police block of 17th Street from S down to P and the parade of costumes — runners and non-runners alike — is the best amusement in town.

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Borderstan map

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From Michelle Lancaster

Bomb Scare Closes Red Line during Monday Rush Hour

You may have been one of the many hundreds of people waiting for a single tracked Red Line train Monday afternoon. This one wasn’t a simple malfunction – a passenger alerted the authorities after believing they heard another passenger whisper they had a bomb. Full story is at the Washington Post.


College Crime: Georgetown and AU in the News

American University professor Sue Marcum was found dead Monday morning in her home. has the story, complete with real-time updates, as the details continue to emerge on her recently recovered vehicle and nature of the crime. Across the city, police continue to investigate the drug lab found Saturday morning in a freshman dorm at Georgetown. For the full story and quotes from students, with an astounding number of ‘likes’ for such an esteemed institution, check out again.

16th and U Developments: Von Storch Takeover

Results Gym is out, to make way for a renovation of the building that will include all four Von Storch enterprises – VIDA, Bang Salon, Aura Spa and Capitol City Brewing Company. Fellow blogger DC Mud has the details of the planned renovation. I wonder how neighbors Local 16, Chi Cha Lounge and Stetson’s feel about Cap City moving in – I’m reserving judgment until I see how it impacts one of the best rooftop bars and favorite secret patio in the city.

What do Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart and Bed Bugs have in common?

They all had their Saturday summit in D.C. this fall. Yes, as DCist reports, the Department of Health has named Saturday, January 11, 2011, the date of the summit, entitled “Bed Bugs Are Changing Our World.” I’m sure attendance will be similar to the previous two summits.

Drag Queen High Heel Race Storms 17th St.

You better not have missed this! What did you think of this year’s two innovations, the live feed at Duplex Diner and the VIP box at Church St.? Stay tuned as we post photos  from the event today.

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ANC 1B02 Aaron Spencer

ANC 1B02: Aaron Spencer faces incumbent Peter Raia and Tucker Gallagher in this U Street district. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster

Borderstan is covering four contested Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) races in the three local ANCs: ANC 1B02, 1B04, 2B09 and 2F06. The general election is Nov. 2.

Today’s interview is with 1B02 candidate Aaron Spencer who is one of two challengers against one-term incumbent Peter Raia (Borderstan interview). The third candidate in the race is Tucker Gallagher (Borderstan interview).

ANC 1B02 is in the heart of the U Street neighborhood and this district runs along U Street from 14th St. east to 9th St., and from S St. on the south to as far north as Florida Ave. in some places. You can learn more about 1B02 at the DC Citizen Atlas. ANC 1B has 11 commissioners and covers a large geographic area.

ANC commissioners are elected from Single Member Districts (SMDs) in the city’s 37 ANCs. While the number of commissioners in each ANC varies, each SMD has approximately 2,000 residents. (See links to related posts at bottom.)


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17th Street High Heel Race Luis Gomez Photos

Runners dash for the Church Street finish line at the 2009 High Heel Race on 17th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos).

Duplex Diner patrons will have the luxury of sitting down and sipping a cocktail while watching the Tuesday-night festivities on 17th Street NW — from the peace and quiet of the restaurant at 18th and Florida NW.

Diner owner Eric Hirshfield is offering a live video feed of the annual High Heel Race, including the pre-race fun, starting at 8:30 pm. Look for videographer Josh Siegel on 17th Street — he’ll be wearing the “Broadcasting Live to Duplex Diner T-Shirt.” Race time is at 9 pm.

17th Street High Heel Race Luis Gomez Photos

17th Street NW during the 2008 High Heel Race parade. (Luis Gomez Photos)

VIP Passes Help Cover Costs

Another option is the VIP tented standing area for 50 ticket holders at the Church Street finish line. Get more details and tickets at Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets (HDCMS) website. HDCMS is a sponsor of the event, sharing costs and providing a clean up crew after the event. Your $40 ticket cost helps defray the cost associated with the High Heel Race.

Race Details

The event is sponsored by the Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets (HDCMS) program and JR’s Bar and Grill. You can purchase a VIP pass for the tented area at Church Street; proceeds benefi HDCMS — see details below. JR’s is the creator of the annual event, with the first race in 1986 — the year JR’s opened.

The Annual High Heel Race is always held the Tuesday before Halloween (unless it falls on the 31st, of course). While the race takes place at 9 pm, the two-or-so hours leading up to the race are the best part of the evening. Police block of 17th Street from S down to P and the parade of costumes — runners and non-runners alike — is the best amusement in town.

The race — which does begins on time — is a short sprint from S down to Church, about 1/5 of a mile. So, don’t’ be late or you’ll miss it.

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900 Westminster Street NW MPD 11:22 pm Tuesday: reports that the victim of last night’s shooting on the 900 block of Westminster St. NW was 24-year-old Ronald Johnson of Northeast D.C. He died after being taken to a local hospital.

Police are investigating an apparent homicide that occurred late last night near the 900 block of Westminster St. NW, which is between S and T Streets. According to MPD reports, the man was found at approximately 11:40 pm:

At approximately 1140 pm Officers were in the area of the 900 block of Westminster St, NW when they heard gun shots. Officers located a victim, who was transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact MPD at 202-727-9099.

According to WUSA-9, “police were alerted to the sound of gunfire… by a Shot Spotter device.” MPD Third District Commander Jacob Kishter told Borderstan this morning that there is no additional information at this time.

Four Homicides Since May

Homicides are rare in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. But, there have now been four homicides in this area, including last night’s murder near Westminster Street:

  • On May 28, Assefaw Teweld Hagos of Silver Spring was stabbed to death on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW — just north of last night’s murder. A suspect was charged.
  • On August 9, Delando King was stabbed to death in his 10th Street NW apartment. A suspect has been charged.
  • On September 28 Jamal Coates was killed after a funeral on U Street NW; a suspect has been charged in connection to Coates’ murder.

The Oct. 15 death of Ali Mohammed of Silver Spring outside the DC9 club on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW is still under investigation.

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From Cecile Oreste at danceDC

Constellation Theatre Company presents Women Beware Women at Source Theater, 1835 14th St. NW. The production opened last weekend and runs through Nov. 14. Founding Artistic Director Allison Stockman took some time to share details about Women Beware Women.

Constellation is offering 50%-off tickets to Borderstan readers Thursday, Oct. 28 through Sunday, Oct. 31. Use the code “Borderstan” online or at the door.

Borderstan: If you like… you’ll like Women Beware Women?

Stockman: If you enjoy the sensational stories of romance, lust, deception and violence that Quentin Tarantino creates, Women Beware Women will satisfy the same desires.



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