Stuff You Might Have Missed: FRIDAY, Oct. 22

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From Michelle Lancaster

Empty Buildings, Empty Promises

A number of buildings owned by Shiloh Baptist Church on 9th St. have been vacant for years. So Council Member Jack Evans’ proposal to give the buildings a tax exempt status if they are redeveloped by the Church is a popular idea, right? Wrong. He pulled the bill on Thursday after vehement neighborhood protest. The buildings have remained vacant, despite promises and plans and were incorrectly classified, costing the city a cool $100,000 in a tight budget cycle. DCist has the recap and prior coverage.

Speaking of Redevelopment

I try to refrain from editorializing (too much) in these recaps, but I can’t help but tell you that this piece on gentrification in Greater Greater Washington is simply great. It’s one thing to take on Megan McArdle at the Atlantic, it’s another to start to outline ideas and policies to handle a very real DC/Borderstan issue.

Streetcar Plans Move Forward

Washington Business Journal has the story and full PDFof the plans as the H St. NE and Anacostia trolley project moves forward. There are a number of questions about the project, notably the price tag and how to pay for it. The $194 million dollar project must be fully vetted before the FY 2011 DC budget will allocate funds for the H St. NE line.

Creepy Crawlies: The Guide

Yes it’s Halloween and Jersey Shore ended last night but we’re not talking about either of those things. No, it is a fate far worse than GTL for life: bedbugs. DC has found them in a number of very public places and private residences lately, but not to fear — TBD has compiled your guide to identifying, eliminating and preventing the scourge at your place.


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