Romance, Lust, Deception: “Women Beware Women”

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From Cecile Oreste at danceDC

Constellation Theatre Company presents Women Beware Women at Source Theater, 1835 14th St. NW. The production opened last weekend and runs through Nov. 14. Founding Artistic Director Allison Stockman took some time to share details about Women Beware Women.

Constellation is offering 50%-off tickets to Borderstan readers Thursday, Oct. 28 through Sunday, Oct. 31. Use the code “Borderstan” online or at the door.

Borderstan: If you like… you’ll like Women Beware Women?

Stockman: If you enjoy the sensational stories of romance, lust, deception and violence that Quentin Tarantino creates, Women Beware Women will satisfy the same desires.

Source Theater Constellation Theatre Company

Through Nov. 14: “Women Beware Women” from the Constellation Theatre Company is at the Source Theater on 14th St. NW. (Courtesy Constellation Theatre Company)

Borderstan: For first timers, what can they expect from Constellation Theatre Company? What about those who have seen you before?

Stockman: Constellation Theatre Company creates epic, ensemble theater with powerful visual imagery, original music, elevated language and heightened movement. Adventure with us outside the staid, predictable realm of our everyday lives into an arena that is startling, magical and symbolic. Explore the truth found in myths and dreams and experience your own world with a fresh perspective.

Women Beware Women is the second play Constellation has done in verse, yet the adaptation we chose is bold and accessible with a quick, urgent pace. This classic play is brought to life with a vibrant design and talented actors.

Borderstan: Any music or dancing in Women Beware Women? You know I love to dance!

Stockman: Yes! We have an entirely original musical score composed by Jesse Terrill and it’s fantastic. People can get a taste of the music and the costume design by checking out this trailer on YouTube. We have a couple of dances, two songs and a very dynamic sword fight involving a cloak, a dagger and rapiers. There are a total of nine deaths over the course of the play.

Borderstan: Wow, that is action packed. What is your favorite part about the show?

Stockman: My favorite part of Women Beware Women is the way the design concept brings this adult, fairy tale to life in a contemporary, imaginative way. Our inspiration takes a taste from the original time period’s Medici vogue, sprinkles in some of the gothic flair of today’s runway high fashion, and flavors it with the unique creativity of visionary artist Tim Burton. We strive to entice you with a decadent, radiant delicacy into a spiraling web of vicious revenge.


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