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High Heel Race and Parade: We Got Pics!

by Borderstan.com October 27, 2010 at 10:17 am 3 Comments

Tuesday evening on 17th St. NW: Mayor Adrian Fenty gets a lift at the Annual High Heel Race. (Luis Gomez Photos)

17th Street High Heel Race Luis Gomez Photos

Click on the image to see photos from Tuesday night’s 17th Street High Heel Race 2010, including pre-race parade pics. (Luis Gomez Photos).

Check out Luis’ photos from Tuesday night of the pre-race parade of costumes on 17th Street.

TBD.com has video, with report from Amanda Hess: “Are Drag Queens Feminists?”

Be sure to take this week’s Reader Poll on the landing page: “For guys only: Ever dressed in drag?”

It was the 25th running of the annual 17th Street High Heel Race, with volunteers, parade marshals, police and tens of thousands of revelers. JR’s Bar and Grille started the event in 1986 right after it opened at 17th and Church St. NW. What started out 24 years ago as a small neighborhood event has turned into one of the most popular Halloween-week events in the DC Metro area.

One estimate put last night’s crowd on 17th Street between P and Riggs at 60,000 people.

Moreover, the High Heel Race is officially a “First Amendment event,” according to an article in yesterday’s Examiner. Rightly so, but it’s also an awfully lot of fun.

The 2010 event was sponsored by the Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets (HDCMS) program and JR’s Bar and Grill. The High Heel Race is always held the Tuesday before Halloween (unless it falls on the 31st, of course). While the race takes place at 9 pm, the two-or-so hours leading up to the race are the best part of the evening. Police block of 17th Street from S down to P and the parade of costumes — runners and non-runners alike — is the best amusement in town.

  • Mary B

    Great pictures, Luis, especially helpful for an old lady who couldn’t get any closer that the third row on the curb. Someone behind me said to a nice guy by my side, “Push on up.” The guy said, “I can’t. There’s an old lady here.” Then the first guy said, “F**k the old lady,” and I said, “I heard that, and I can hurt you with my cane.” I saw the tops of the outfits, but you helped me see the whole thing. Of course, just being there was fun.

  • Louie G.

    Why can these guys run around dressed as women and lots of non-judgmental people say, “Oh, those wonderful homosexuals”, and I can’t run around in Blackface singing “Mammy”, and have everyone say “Oh, that wonderful Minstrel!”? Well, I hope your son becomes one and you can learn how much fun they are to have around.

    • You’re hoping everyone’s sons become Minstrels?


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