15th Street Bike Lane Extension Gets Underway

by Borderstan.com October 29, 2010 at 11:30 pm 1,786 2 Comments

15th Street bike lane

The reconfigured 15th Street NW traffic pattern and bike lanes between Massachusetts Avenue and U Street were put into place in October 2009. (DDOT)

From Tom Hay

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has begun work on the extension of the 15th Street NW separated or “cycle track” bike lanes. The first phase of the bike lanes were completed in November 2009 and run southbound from U Street NW to Massachusetts Avenue on the west side next to the curb. Riders northbound share a lane with traffic.

Extension of Lanes

The extension will continue to Pennsylvania Avenue on the south and W Street on the north. Long term plans call for a further extension north to Euclid Street NW. In addition, the bike lanes will now be two-way. Work is expected to take several weeks.

Pilot Project Results

DDOT has also released a detailed report on the pilot project, interim results and next steps. Among the noteworthy benefits of the bike lanes has been a reduction in the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and an increase in the number of bicyclists utilizing 15th Street.

The report noted, and many nearby residents agree, that bicyclists are not the only ones using the dedicated lanes. Joggers, scooters, wheelchairs, pedestrians and skateboarders are also frequently seen using the lanes.

In recent years the District has acknowledged the importance of bicycles in the transportation mix. The DDOT Bicycle Master Plan lays out future plans for a more bicycle friendly city.


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