Stuff You Might Have Missed: Friday, Nov. 5

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From Michelle Lancaster

What a Gray Day

And with that, welcome to bad pun Friday! Mayor-elect Vincent Gray had a bang up first few days in ‘office’, reports. Some already interesting decisions, from campaign party location to transition team names, were compounded when Gray was noticeably absent from the funeral of MPD office Paul Dittamo. had the update that a “staff oversight” prevented Gray from attending, as he had “no idea” there was a police funeral today. I suppose no one on staff checks out the Washington Post

Metro: What is Right and What is Wrong

What’s right with Metro may just be the commuters that use it day in and day out. We Love DC has a great story about the commuters who saved a man’s life last night after he fell onto the tracks from the platform. For you pessimists, though, here are the board meeting notes from today from

What’s Next with ANC Races?

Have we mentioned that ANC races are important? Forgive us for belaboring the point, but the fact of the matter is that where you eat, drink, play and buy are determined by the people in these seats, and there are over 30 that had not a single candidate running in the district. For shame! Of course, if you have yet to meet your quota for shame and sad feelings about elective politics, has a great explanation of the whole process.

The Only Reason You Should Care About the Wizards

I’ll tell you – ait’s to watch awkward, wealthy sports owners do a ridiculous dance and look even more awkward and ridiculous. John Wall, on the other hand, looks kind of awesome. John Wall is news in this town, people, and that’s why this is here from WTOP.


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