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Weekend Roundup Edition from Michelle Lancaster

Logan Circle: Gentrification Spurs Hate Crimes?

TBD has the disturbing story of the experiences of Stanley and Ted who suffered assaults on the 1400 block of R Street NW. The response from local residents and police, as reported in the story, are also cause for concern. Readers, what has been your experience in the R Street area?

What’s Up with Brickskellar on 22nd?

What is the future of the Brickskellar on 22nd Street NW? I thought this was old news, but talking to enough beer aficionados this weekend that thought I was making this up, here is your official heads up: it appears the owners are selling and taking the legendary name with them. For the full read, check it out in the Washington City Papers full review of the situation and recommendations for new owners.

Prince George’s Corruption Scandal

PG County Executive Jack Johnson and his wife, county councilmember-elect Leslie Johnson, were arrested Friday on charges of allegedly destroying evidence in a two-year federal corruption probe. Monday morning, three Prince George’s County police officers were arrested in connection with the same probe. Prosecutors are saying even more is to come in this unfolding case.

For reference, the complaint charges that a $100,000 check was flushed down the toilet; at the time of arrest, Leslie Johnson was found to have $79,600 in her underwear. Stay tuned to TBD for more breaking news on this latest DC-area story of government power and corruption.

Smithsonian No Longer Free?!

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform made a number of unpopular suggestions for lowering the federal deficit and spending, but one particularly rankled D.C. residents. The panel recommended slashing the Smithsonian Institution’s budget and suggested a fee of $7.50 per admission to make up the funds. For two local takes — pro and con — see NBC’s take on ‘an indulgence we can no longer afford’ and DCist’s response and reader poll opposing the move.


What Else?

Washington City Paper covers the Tweed Ride; the opportunity to purchase a date with Clinton Portis of the Redskins as covered by the Washington Examiner and the ongoing debate on Hank’s Oyster Bar at 17th and Q NW, from our own Tom Hay.

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Last week’s Borderstan Reader Poll asked, How many foreign countries have you visted? Not surprisingly, residents of Dupont-Logan-U Street are a well-traveled bunch. Still, it is amazing to see just how well-traveled survey respondents are (it would be interesting to compare them to all Americans).

Like cousin Cathy in the Patty Duke Show (1965), our readers appear to have “been most everywhere, from Zanzibar to Berkeley Square.”

Take this week’s reader poll in the right column of the Borderstan home page: Your take on the revamped 2-way bike lane on 15th St.?

Only 1% of survey takers said they had never been outside the United States. At the other extreme, a whopping 26% said they had been to 21 countries or more. Full results of last week’s poll are below.

Respondents of last week’s survey said:

  1. 0 countries: 1%
  2. 1 to 5 countries: 21%
  3. 6 to 10 countries: 18%
  4. 11 to 15 countries: 18%
  5. 16 to 20 countries: 16%
  6. 21-plus countries: 26%

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