ANC 2B and Hank’s Reach Agreement on Patio Hours

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1624 Q Street NW: Hank’s Oyster Bar and ANC 2B have reached an agreement over patio dining hours. Hank’s request to expand into the adjacent space is still pending before the ABC Board. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Tom Hay

Borderstan has learned that an agreement on outdoor patio hours has been reached between Hank’s Oyster Bar and ANC 2B.

At last week’s November meeting, we reported that the ANC passed a resolution and filed a letter to request standing as a protestant in the effort by Hank’s owner, Jamie Leeds, to expand the restaurant into a neighboring building.

The ANC’s move was prompted by fears that the liquor license for Hank’s location would incorporate later hours for the outdoor seating area since the voluntary agreement (V.A.) had recently been vacated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board. Leeds had told Borderstan that she had no plans for later patio hours. However, the hours on the license would transfer to any new owner who may operate under the later hours.

The deal, which was hammered out over the weekend, amends  Hank’s liquor license to include the current patio hours. The license will now limit the evening hours of the outdoor seating area to 11 pm, Sunday to Thursday, and midnight, Friday and Saturday.

In return, the ANC has filed a letter with the ABC Board to withdraw the earlier request to be a protestant in the substantial change/expansion case. Furthermore, the ANC will not seek a V.A. on the patio hours, since they are now stated in the operating license. The ANC will likely have a follow-up special meeting on the agreement after the Thanksgiving holiday.

At the June 2010 meeting the ANC took no action on termination of the V.A. or the license renewal, and in July 2010 no action was taken on the substantial change. This is in spite of objections to termination of the V.A. by the Dupont Circle Citizens Association and a protest initiated by a group of Dupont Circle residents. The ANC also supported the rezoning of the neighboring building from residential to commercial.

Leeds is still awaiting the decision of the ABC Board on the protest to the substantial change/expansion case by a group of residents. A ruling from the Board is expected in a few weeks.

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