A Few Things We’re Thankful For Today

by Borderstan.com November 25, 2010 at 5:00 am 1,417 1 Comment

Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan Thanksgiving

Maybe it’s cheesy, but here at Borderstan we thought we’d share what we are all thankful for this Thanksgiving! Some of us got silly, some of us serious, some stayed in the ‘hood and some shared what they’re thankful for in life. But please know, dear readers, we’re eternally thankful for you. – The editors and writers at Borderstan

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Alejandra: I am thankful for good friends who share my love of Banana Leaves delivery. I’m thankful Whole Foods’ wine cheap wine selection. But most of all, I’m thankful for the great guys at Zorbas who know when one is sick, baklava makes it all better.

Danny: I am thankful for the endless discovery of the brilliant live music that flows through our nation’s capital. And I am extremely grateful for my incredible friends and family all around the world!

Luis: I am really thankful for all of the wonderful contributors who make Borderstan possible.

Mary: I am thankful for the yard/gardens at the corner of 15th and P, at 1521 P, and 1511 16th for making my day every time I walk by.  Then there’s Robert who plays the saxophone by Whole Foods.  And finally the pecan chocolate chip cookies at Whole Foods (when they have them!).

Matty: I am thankful for the croissants at Steam Cafe, the lox at Java House, great neighbors, and a neighborhood where I can walk most everywhere. At home, I am thankful for Luis, Lupe and my garden. I am thankful to live in a climate where winter is not five months long. And next year I hope to be thankful for an affordable diner on 14th St. where I can get a hamburger at midnight — I’d settle for 11 pm, indoors, because this is DC, after all.

Michelle B.: I am thankful for Chai Tea. I am thankful for my boyfriend and dance partner who is always so supportive of what I am doing. I am thankful for a weekend of non-dorm room diet.

Mike: I’m thankful for Express shirts that come in all of the amazingly bright colors that I wear every day. I’m thankful for Glee for providing me with hours upon hours of great music and entertainment. I’m thankful for ballroom dancing and my amazing coach. Most of all, I’m thankful for the unbelievable family members and friends who I love!

Tom: I am thankful to live in such a walkable and fun neighborhood. I am also thankful for all the eye candy in my neighborhood.


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