Stuff You Might Have Missed: Logan PNC Bank Robbed

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PNC Bank 14th Street NW Logan Circle

The PNC Bank branch at 1405 P Street NW was robbed Thursday afternoon. No one was injured, but the suspect was reported armed with a gun. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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D.C. Reacts Calmly to Snow

Or not.

WMATA Introduces Concept of Random Bag Checks

In a WMATA meeting described as “bonkers” by TBD, two chairmen announced their resignations (one expected, one was a surprise) and Metro announced their new random bag inspection policy. Riders can decline the inspection and leave the station, but I doubt that will be viewed as a pleasant or innocent act. Safety first, I guess?

PNC Bank Robbed

Be careful around the neighborhood at ATM’s and banks. The PNC Bank branch at 14th and P Street NW was robbed around 2 pm Thursday afternoon. The police report said the suspect flashed a gun, so in all seriousness, be cautious and stay safe.

Height Act Raises Ire at Meeting

Washington City Paper has a ‘think piece’ that’s worth checking out on the much-debated Height Act that restricts buildings in D.C. Originally enacted for fire safety, it was Borderstan’s own Cairo Hotel’s height that pushed the city to codify the limit. Love the city vistas? Want more space in hopes of lower rent? Hate the pun in the headline? Tell us in the comments!

Finally, a List D.C. Does Well On!

Kwame Brown shared a Washington Business Journal list that took a look at all 50 states (and us), and ranked them in order of most women-owned business.  D.C. was ranked first with 34.5% of all businesses in the city owned by women.

DC9 Stays Dark

TBD reports that, despite being cleared to open on Wednesday, DC9 stayed dark. No one seems sure why, but a handful of loyal regulars stopped by to find out the bad news. Protests were expected, but absent. The long-awaited autopsy report on the cause of Ali Ahmed Mohammed’s death should be available soon, and expect a full ABRA review of the bar at that time.


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