SYMHM: Help Alejandra Get a Tweep Nomination

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National Christmas Tree Luis Gomez Photos

The National Christmas Tree is on the Ellipse on the south side of The White House. There are smaller trees ringing it; one for each state plus DC and the U.S. territories and commonwealths. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Editor’s note: Can you live with “SYMHM” instead of “Stuff You Might Have Missed?”

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Alejandra Owens writes about food for Borderstan and at her own site, One Bite At a Time.

Help Alejandra Get a Tweep Nomination for Favorite Foodie

Our very own food writer, Alejandra Owens, could be up for Favorite Foodie in The Washington Post’s DC’s Top Tweeps of 2010! Go nominate her if you’ve enjoyed all those recipe round ups, farmers market updates and the real skinny on your favorite restaurants (not to mention her holiday wine-giving advice). Alejandra also writes about food at her own site, One Bite At A Time. Her Twitter handle is @frijolita and you can nominate her through noon on December 24, when nominations close. If she makes the cut voting begins after that!

About That Large DDOT Screen at 14th and U NW

The DC Department of Transportation has rolled out its first multi-modal digital display, which provides travelers with real-time information about their transportation choices on one screen. The screen is at the Reeves Municipal Center at 14th and U Streets NW (on the 14th side). DDOT is planning to also install more NextBus displays at bus shelters across the city. However, with the MMDD, “Multiple transportation options are layered on this one dynamic display – not just buses, but Metrorail, bikesharing and carsharing as well.” All are displayed on an area map. Check out the YouTube overview of MMDD.

The Meaning of the Modern Hipster (Yes, Really)

Surely the meaning of hipsters and hipsterness is a relevant topic in our neighborhood. carries a Barnes & Noble review of What Was the Hipster? By n+1. The review is interesting if perhaps a bit weighty which, I suppose, is appropriate as the book is billed as “A Sociological Investigation.” Not surprisingly, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and trucker hats are mentioned. And apparently the easiest way to offend a hipster is call him/her a hipster.

DC Hits 602,000 Population in Census

Breaking the 600,000 population mark was a big deal of Washington, DC, as The Washington Post notes. The reason was simple: the city’s population declined in every census beginning with 1960. After hitting 802,000 people in 1950 (Harry Truman was president), the population bottomed out at 572,000 in 2000.

But DC’s population is now about 602,000. The Post reports that about 10,000 of the 30,000 newest residents have moved into the city in the past two years. (No, we’re not surprised.) In terms of local ramifications, the issue now is whether the city will have to redraw the lines of the eight wards so that each has roughly the same population. Redrawing ward boundaries would also affect Advisory Neighborhood Commission boundaries.

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday; We’ll Be Back on Monday

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Christmas weekend — which we are defining as Friday through Sunday. This means no posts at Borderstan on Christmas Eve (we need vacations, too) in addition to our normal weekend break. Besides, this editor has pre-Christmas chores tomorrow: baking pies. A bunch of them. If you’re traveling, be safe. If you’re out and about, be careful. 


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