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Borderstan Tom Hay business stories

Tom Hay covered a variety of business related topics in the area in 2010 plus stories on local government. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Last June Tom Hay began covering business in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area for Borderstan: real estate development, new businesses, profiles of store owners, and the regulatory process in which local business meets local government.

While Tom regularly writes about these topics, he will likely be remembered by readers for his dogged coverage of the Hank’s Oyster Bar story — the restaurant just off 17th Street that finally got permission to expand its operations and operate without a Voluntary Agreement. (The full list of Tom’s stories on Hank’s is below along with a number of his other stories.)

Covering the Hank’s story meant that Tom attended Advisory Neighborhood Commission meetings, went to hearings of the DC Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and sifted through mind-numbing DC Government regulatory documents and records. So, what can you say about a contributor who does such things willingly, patiently and with good humor? The answer: “Not nearly enough good things without embarrassing him.”

Tom also covered the Arts District branding project for Borderstan and will continue to do so in 2011. And while the Hank’s story appears closed (right?), there will be plenty of new business-related topics for Tom to write about in 2011  in the Borderstan coverage area. A law librarian by profession, Tom will do more for the record.

Thank you, Tom — very much.

About Tom in his own words: “I came to DC for college, after a childhood on Long Island, and stuck around for the past 23 years, living all of it in the Borderstan area. After grad school I spent 15 years as a law librarian. Just as I was considering a change I saw the Twitter posting about Borderstan needing writers who knew the neighborhood, so here I am.

“Now I am getting to get to know neighbors and business owners a little better as I write articles about local business, development and sometimes local government as well. When I’m not working on a story you’ll find me enjoying the great restaurants, galleries and shops in Borderstan and DC.”

Coverage of Hank’s Oyster Bar

Arts District Branding

2010 Business Profiles by Tom Hay


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