A Borderstan Wish List for the New Year

by Borderstan.com January 1, 2011 at 12:05 am 1,064 1 Comment

Borderstan 2011 Wish List

What’s on your 2011 Wish List for the neighborhood? (Image by Neil MacLean)

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

What’s on your neighborhood-wish-list for the first year of the second decade of the 21st Century? We polled the Borderstan Team and here’s what they want for 2011.

Alejandra: I would like locally owned small businesses to start opening up on Connecticut Avenue again… lately it seems like more places are closing or just going stagnant. I want a version of Screen on the Green or something like it, but in Dupont Circle… I’d like a grocery store or market to open up where the “Secret” Safeway used to be on 20th Street NW.

Cecile: I want more dance studios in the neighborhood! And I want more dance companies to perform at the local galleries and theaters.

Danny: I’d like a monthly ‘New Music Discovery & Discussion Forum’ in one of our neighborhood cafes/bars for sharing new artists of the moment and meeting fellow music lovers… an acoustic music performance venue in our neighborhood, much like the beloved Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia… more designated bike lanes with parked cars moved over one lane!… a healthy fast food option at the 14th & U intersection.

Luis: I want a pancake house… a Staples… a real bakery with cachitos and outdoor seating… our own version of the E Street Cinema… street furniture — benches… fun street art (not donkeys and elephants)… lots of outdoor seating at cafes and restaurants.

Matty: I’d a like a 24-hour diner (not that I am out late anymore) where I can get reasonably priced food… a non-gourmet deli on 17th or 14th Street where I can quickly pop in and out to buy deli stuff… cable coverage of local Advisory Neighborhood Commission meetings (wouldn’t that be fun?)… dedicated police foot patrols on the commercial corridors.

Mike: I would love a ballroom dance studio to appear. I’d love Jose Andres to open up a restaurant in the Borderstan area. If Ikea or Crate and Barrel made an appearance around here, I’d definitely have a place to be spending some more cash.

Tom: More celebrity sightings in Borderstan… less litter on the streets… and in 2011 I’d like to sign a Voluntary Agreement with another eligible Borderstan resident [wink].


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