ANCs: 2 Vacancies on 2F; 6 New Members for 1B

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ANC 2F Logan Circle

ANC 2F has six districts and serves the Logan Circle area. Seats 04 and 05 must be filled by special election. (ANC 2F website)

From Matt Rhoades

Two area Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) meet this week: 1B and 2F.

ANC 2F Meets Wednesday

ANC 2F meets Wednesday, January 5, at 7 pm. This month’s location has been changed and 2F will meet at Luther Place Memorial Church, 1226 Vermont Avenue NW (usual location is Washington Plaza Hotel).

The agenda includes status updates on protests related to liquor licenses for Vegas Lounge on the 1400 block of P Street NW and Jeff Black’s planned Pearl Dive restaurant on 14th Street NW. The protest on Pearl Dive is from ANC 2F and a group of 33 residents, according to The formal protest hearing before the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board is set for January 19.

Both 2F04 and 2F05 are without commissioners as there were no candidates on the November 2 ballot (the incumbents did not run for re-election) and the DC Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE) was unable to fill the seats from write-in votes.

Until the two vacant seats are filled, ANC 2F will have only four of its six commissioners. Both 04 and 05 are single-member districts south/southeast of Logan Circle.

A spokesperson for the DC BOEE said that candidates for the two seats can pick up petitions (as of January 3) and that they must be returned by Monday, January 24. The challenge period then runs through Wednesday, February 2. If a candidate files for either seat, it will be up to ANC 2F to set a special election date; an election would have to be held by April 23, according to BOEE.

According to ANC 2F, former 04 Commissioner Matt Raymond will be appointed as non-voting delegate for the district for the time being. Emily Barton is the new commissioner in 2F02. She ran unopposed on the November 2 ballot.

ANC 1B Meets Thursday

ANC 1B meets Thursday, January 6, at 7 pm. Location is the Reeves Municipal Center (2nd floor) on the northwest corner of 14th and U Streets NW. 1B is a large, sprawling commission with 11 members — it stretches from 1st Street to 16th Street NW and from Columbia Road to S Street NW (see 1B map).

Three of the southern districts serve the U Street area. Six of the 11 commissioners are new, having been elected on November 2. One of the new commissioners is Aaron Spencer, 1B02, who defeated incumbent Peter Raia.

About ANCs

ANC commissioners are elected from Single Member Districts (SMDs) in the city’s 37 ANCs. While the number of commissioners in each ANC varies, each SMD has approximately 2,000 residents. They serve two-years and the offices are non-partisan; all candidates appear on the November general election ballot.


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