SYMHM: ATM Skimming, Cyclist Etiquette and More

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From Matt Rhoades

ATM Skimming Warning on P Street

You know the warnings you see at ATMs? The ones that tell you to cover the key pad when punching in your pin number… to make sure no one is watching from behind? Or maybe you’ve read about those devices that thieves put on ATM machines that read your card information and steal your PIN?

MetroWeekly has a story about an ATM on the 1400 block of P Street NW: “Wachovia, a Wells Fargo company, is asking customers of that P Street branch in the heart of one of the District’s de facto gay villages – or anyone who may have used the ATM at the location in recent weeks – to check their account records for fraudulent activity. ‘I can confirm that there was a skimming incident at this location that has been discovered and is now being investigated,’ says Aimee Worsley, a Wachovia spokesperson.”

Douglas Development Projects to Take Off in in Vernon Square?

The City Paper’s Housing Complex blog is reporting that two major Douglas Development projects in the Mount Vernon Square area may be finally taking off, after delays: “… this time the company says it has one deal signed and another all but done for two large parcels on New York Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets NW. Douglas executive Paul Millstein dropped news of both at an ANC meeting last night.”

All About Cyclist Etiquette (and Everyone Else’s Too)

David Alpert at Greater Greater Washington has a piece examining etiquette for cyclists, as well as for pedestrians and drivers: What’s our bicycle “social contract”? Alpert breaks down how Washingtonians view cyclists and how they should behave on the road (and sidewalks), and offers some comparisons with other countries and cities. Here’s the opening: “With the frequent calls for cyclists to ‘start behaving,’ it’s clear that a number of people driving and walking are unsettled by the conduct of at least some people on bikes. But people in cars speed all the time, and people walk across against the light, and neither generates as many newspaper letters to the editor. What is the difference?”

14th & You Looks at the Business Year Ahead

14th & You offers some insights and predictions for the year ahead in the Logan-U Street area: 2011: A Look Ahead. Here’s one prediction (check out the rest, good reading): “14th Street north of U Street will go gangbusters. With both Perseus Realty’s 14W development and the long-awaited Nehemiah Shopping Center development breaking ground, and Jemal’s project across the street, it’s shaping up to be a busy couple of years north of U Street for new development.”

ANC 2B-Dupont Meets January 12

The agenda does not look particularly… controversial… but it’s posted online. Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2B meets at the Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW in the 1st Floor, Falkland Auditorium.


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