SYMHM: ANC 2B Says No to Congolese Chancery

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Sidewalk barricades went up on the west side of the 1800 block of 14th Street NW earlier this week in preparation of demolition of buildings on the block. The strip from S to Swann Streets NW will become District Condos, a residential-retail development. The former Whitman-Walker building facade will remain. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster

ANC 2B Says No to Chancery at Tourtorsky Mansion

ANC 2B voted 8 to 0 Wednesday night to recommend that the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) not be allowed to use the Toutorksy Mansion at 16th Street and Riggs Place NW as a chancery. Borderstan’s Tom Hay reported Monday on the property and the Congolese government’s desire to use the historic property as an embassy chancery. While the ANC’s resolution is only advisory, the DC Board of Zoning Adjustment is required to give it consideration. Commissioner Jack Jacobson (2B04), whose district includes the property, told Borderstan that the resolution of disapproval passed after the commission reviewed photos of the Republic of Congo property at 16th Street and Colorado Avenue NW. The photos show serious maintenance problems with the property.

Jeff Black’s Oyster Bar Gets the Green Light

All the protests against Jeff Black’s planned restaurant and bar on 14th Street, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and BlackJack, have been dropped, TBD reports. That means, provided there are no other protests or last minute objections, the restaurant and bar will receive its liquor license shortly. It’s great news for bivalve fans, but the list of concessions he was forced to make to move forward raise eyebrows (well, at least mine).

Phillips Collection Turns 90

You haven’t missed this one yet, so put it on your short list of things to do this frigid weekend. We Love DC lays out what’s involved – free admission, tours and birthday cake! – and if you haven’t seen one of our national treasures in our own neighborhood, you really should check it out. Art and cake is a winning Saturday afternoon combo.

Robert Wone & Callas – Interesting Parallels

The murder of Robert Wone is one of our neighborhood’s great mysteries. While there continues to be no new news or break in the case, David at Who Murdered Robert Wone has a thought-provoking post on a piece of art present in the house the evening of the murder.

Borders Bookstores in Big, Bad Financial Trouble

If I were you, I’d run right out and spend my holiday Borders gift cards while we still have ’em in the District. The chain is in dire financial straits and is facing tough choices about which locations to shutter, reports Washington City Paper. Book lovers, even those that despise chains, probably lose here. That said, this Kramerbooks fanatic would love to see them expand…

WMATA Looks to Close Budget Gaps

Greater Greater Washington created one of the more amusing day-long Twitter memes today with their article on possible solutions to the $72 million budget shortfall Metro faces this year. Under consideration are standard fare increases and service cuts, but also ‘wacky’ options like metro station naming rights. So right this way to #dcmetrostationsname on Twitter.


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