The Making of Shi-Queeta-Lee

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Nellie's Sports Bar Shi-Queeta Lee Luis Gomez Photos

Sunday at Nellie’s Sports Bar on U Street NW: Shi-Queeta Lee is ready to perform at Drag Brunch. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster

Two weeks ago we talked with Borderstani Julie Mason, White House correspondent, dog owner and neighbor — and she gave us some interesting insights into Logan Circle. For the second in our series on Interesting Bordertanis, we talked with Miss Shi-Queeta Lee. We will continue to profile some of the unique, inspiring and downright interesting folks that are all around you in the place you call home.

Meet Shi-Queeta Lee !

If you have yet to encounter the fabulous Miss Lee, you need to adjust your social calendar! You may have been entertained at TOWN Dance Boutique every Friday and Saturday (show starts at 10:30 pm). Perhaps your glimpse of her was at Nellie’s Sports Bar for Drag Bingo on Tuesdays at 8 pm or Drag Brunch on Sunday at 11 am.

Check out Shi-Queeta’s slide show at the bottom of the story.

She’s about to take the world by storm with her two shows for 2011 — “Spill Da Tea with Shi-Queeta-Lee”, a variety talk show on BlogTalkRadio, and Drag City DC: Hair and Paint Make a Man What He Ain’t, a reality show based on the Real Housewives series, but with six drag queens.

The diva, in her own words:

Shi-Queeta Lee Luis Gomez Photos

The eyes of Shi-Queeta Lee. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Jerry Van Hook AKA Shi-Queeta-Lee. I’ve been a female impersonator for 14 years.

How did you end up in D.C./Borderstan?

I wanted the opportunity to become a singer and pursue a career in the arts.

More specifically, how did you end up as a drag queen in Borderstan?

I used to play in a gay softball league through NAGAAA [North American Gay Amateur Athetlic Alliance]. They have a Camp Drag Pageant called Miss Magic, and Chip Brown (my coach) said everyone on the team had done it before. So I was next in line to compete. I won the contest and said to myself you can make this much money by putting on pumps and a dress for less then three mins. Hell, yea, I can do this. Now I been doing it going on 14 years and loving it. Chip is the person who named me Shi-Queeta-Lee and a female friend of mine, Rose, showed me how to spell it.

What does a normal ‘day in the life’ look like for you these days?

My days are full of interviews, performing at female impersonator shows and looking for new adventures.

How has the area changed — is gentrification having an impact on DC’s drag queens? Is it for the better, or worse?

Yes, I think that gentrification has effected the D.C. area greatly. It’s becoming more urban and many of the girls can’t afford to live in D.C., which can compromise the caliber [and number] of good shows.

Your first taping of your show was last week. Tell us about it and the show’s progress.

The first taping went well. I am looking for ways to get sponsorships for the show/taping. I am also taking classes for producing.

OK, that’s enough seriousness. The press release for Drag City tells the Real Housewives to move over. Which Housewife is your favorite and who would you stomp with your stiletto boots?

Kandi from Atanta would be my favorite because she reminds me of myself, always willing to help people achieve the dreams. I had a chance to meet her in person and she is really a genuine person. Nene would be the one stomped because she starts a lot of rumors and really doesn’t know what a true friend is.

What are the best places in Borderstan for aspiring queens to check out — going out, clothing, makeup, whatever!

Club Cobalt for clubbing, Annie’s Restaurant for eating — I eat there any late night after a show.

Since it’s still recently past New Years, everyone’s still stuck on resolutions. What’s the best workout in Borderstan, and what’s the best way to totally indulge when you’re feeling naughty (with food!)

Hell I don’t work out. Doing DRAG is enough When feeling naughty, a Prime Rib dinner that someone else is paying for.

A late Christmas wish — you get to make over anyone in D.C. into the most glamorous drag queen in the city (besides you of course!) Who is it?

Former Mayor Adrian Fenty because he comes to the high heel race for Drag Queens and I would love to see him in a dress and heels.

Shi-Queeta-Lee Luis Gomez Photos Nellie's Sports Bar

Click on the collage for the slide show: Shi-Queeta-Lee prepares to perform at Drag Brunch last Sunday. (Luis Gomez Photos)


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