SYMHM: It’s Snowing, Let’s Panic Edition

by January 26, 2011 at 6:25 am 1,664 0

DC Condo Guy 14th Street NW Luis Gomez Photos

Saturday at 14th and Rhode Island NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. Got news for Michelle? Send her an email.

We hope you didn’t miss the State of the Union speech last night. For those that watched, we hope you played this game and are reading this while ‘recovering’ at work.

Oh, and They’re Calling For Snow

Time for the inevitable bread, milk and TP runs — apparently this storm is actually going to give us some snow! Let’s try to avoid this type of thing again, readers.

There’s a Reason for Water Main Breaks

D.C.’s pipes and water infrastructure are both very old, reports the Washington Examiner. How old? Since you asked, the oldest are from the Civil War era. Such great news in the cold, cold weather the area just can’t shake this winter. BTW, did your water pressure get rather low last evening? DC Water confirms there was a pipe break on 11th Street NW between T Street and Vermont Avenue.

Gay Man Charged with Hate Crime on 17th Street

Yes, you did read that correctly. The story of the incident and eyewitness accounts are so contradictory, and the story is so convoluted that we’re just going to let you check out the Washington Blade’s story. According to their story, the hate crime distinction was dropped, but stemmed from a gay man allegedly responding to a panhandler with the same derogatory term the man had just been called.

For Those Who Can’t Take One More McLaren Stroller Pushing Them Out of the Way

Check out Washington City Paper‘s cover story on DC Urban Moms and the comments as a result of the story. It’s a great mix of local reporting, sarcasm and the host of things that become urban worries for a certain class of local residents.

Wikileaks in DC?

The Washington Post takes a closer look at a group called Anonymous that supports Wikileaks and protests the Church of Scientology. Have you seen them at Dupont Circle?


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