SYMHM: The Weekend Round-Up

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Meridian Hill Park Luis Gomez Photos

Looking south toward W Street NW from Meridian Hill Park. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Arrivederci Post Office

As reported by DCist and U Street Girl (who heard it through the grapevine themselves), it’s looking like the old post office at 14th and T Streets NW is bidding us adieu. Despite the lack of warm experiences at this particular branch, it has been pretty convenient to have one so conveniently located. The next closest ones are at 2300 18th Street NW and at 1921 Florida Avenue NW.

Out of Power

Through Borderstan may have been less affected than other areas, many Washingtonians continue to be unimpressed with PEPCO. The utility company has been slow to restore power to many D.C. metro-area homes. NBC interviewed Pepco president Thomas Graham, who addressed the heavy frustration that’s being hurled at him like a giant snowball. Anything you’d like to throw his way?

Protest: “Clough Must Go!”

From Transformer Gallery: “Last November, Smithsonian Institution head G. Wayne Clough touched off a firestorm of controversy when he quickly capitulated to the complaints of right-wing politicians and an anti-gay religious group and removed a video work by seminal gay artist David Wojnarowicz from the ground-breaking National Portrait Gallery show Hide/Seek.” Art+ of New York City is leading a protest supported by Transformer Gallery and the Museum of Censored Art to combat this perceived injustice. If you want to join in today’s protest, meet outside the Smithsonian Metro station, at the Mall entrance, to organize before walking as a group to The Castle, the Smithsonian Headquarters.

Egyptian Solidarity

In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard, there’s some political unrest in Egypt right now, to put it mildly. To show solidarity with Egyptian citizens and call for President Mubarak to stop down, protesters demonstrated in front of the Egyptian embassy earlier on Sunday, WTOP reports. In addition to criticizing the regime, the protesters were also urging Obama to be more assertive in opposing Mubarak.


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