SYMHM: Hump Day Edition

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anokarina Borderstan Reader Pool Flickr

The view from W Street NW looking south on New Hampshire Avenue. (Photo credit: anokarina in the Flickr Borderstan Reader Pool.)

From Michelle Lancaster

Flickr: Contribute Your Photos to the Borderstan Reader Pool

Join Borderstan’s Reader Pool on Flickr. We will try to run a photo almost every day from the pool, and will use photos from time to time with stories. We will credit you, naturally. Today’s photo (above) is from Pool member anokarina. You can also check out her work at

Go Mama Go! Closing Sale Begins

Sales are a good thing, but not when they are ‘store closing’ sales of a neighborhood favorite. Yelp has the reasons for the closing, but tuck that away for later and go score some deals! It’s a 20%-off sale, except on consignment items. It looks like go mama go! will close at the end of March.

ANC2F Meeting Location has Changed

We’re still not sure why, besides the explanation offered of ‘events beyond their control’, but your new location for the 2F meeting is Luther Place Memorial Church. More info at the ANC site.

City Council Member to Pepco: Pay Hotel Bills

As the region gears up for more snow and ice, at least one Council member has had enough from Pepco. Washington Post reports that Council member Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) introduced a bill that would require the utility to pay ‘reasonable hotel costs’ if power outages below freezing in winter or above 95 degrees in summer. The bill was co-sponsored by eight council members, but is facing opposition from local utilities.

Red Light Cameras Make Little Difference to DC Traffic Safety

While the report touting the safety benefits of red light cameras came out on Monday, it took another day for DC to examine the data. The Washington Examiner reports that, in DC, the cameras had little impact on fatalities and accidents in the city limits.

DC Meat Week is Here!

Washington City Paper has the dish on DC Meat Week, currently on Day 3. The meat in question is BBQ, and DC has recently expanded their offerings. It’s a great time to try it out and personally, I believe you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced meat sweats. Full schedule is here.


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