Drinks, Dinner, Dessert: A Borderstan Valentine’s Day Guide

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Doughnut Heart from Dunkin Donuts

From Laura Herman and Alejandra Owens. Follow Laura on Twitter (@lmhhabs)) and Alejeandra (@frijolita).

Well Borderstanis, like it or not, Valentine’s Day is upon us! Whether you’re of the “ooey gooey lavish me with chocolates” or the “this is a Hallmark holiday that offends my sensibilities” variety, we believe you can enjoy Valentine’s Day and eat and drink well while you’re at it!

We’ve compiled a list of the best spots to drink, eat and indulge your sweet tooth with your shnookums, your bestie or maybe just treat yourself!


  • A number of the places listed below accept reservations. In fact, you would be well advised to try and make reservations if you are planning to dine out on Valentine’s Day — or even this weekend.
  • Some people avoid the actual rush and crush of Valentine’s Day crowds in restaurants by celebrating beforehand. Or, if you can’t get reservations for your restaurant of choice, considering celebrating V-Day later in the week or the following weekend.

Here are our V-Day choices in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area — for drinks, dinner and dessert.


  • Afterwords Cafe (1517 Connecticut Avenue NW)
  • Bar Dupont (1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW, right on Dupont Circle)
  • Bar Pilar (1833 14th Street NW)
  • Dickson Wine Bar (903 U Street NW)
  • Gibson (2009 14th Street NW)
  • Nellie’s (900 U Street NW)
  • Tabard Inn (1739 N Street NW)
  • Veritas Wine Bar (2031 Florida Avenue NW)
  • 1905 Restaurant (1905 9th Street NW)


  • Birch & Barley, 1337 14th Street NW
  • Bistro du Coin, 1738 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Cafe Saint-Ex, 1847 14th Street NW
  • Casa Nona, 1250 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Coppi’s Organic Restaurant, 1414 U Street NW
  • Eola, 2020 P Street NW
  • Estadio, 1520 14th Street NW
  • Homemade Pizza Co. (get takeout and spend the night in!), 1522 14th Street NW
  • Komi, 1509 17th Street NW
  • 1905 Restaurant, 1905 9th Street NW
  • Mandu, 1805 18th Street NW
  • Cork Market (if you’re thinking of going the picnic-at-home route), 1805 14th Street NW
  • Cork and Fork (another goodies-at-home option), 1522 14th Street NW


  • Afterwords Cafe, 1517 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • ACKC, 1529 14th Street NW
  • Dolcezza Gelato (and pastries), 1704 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Hello Cupcake, 1361 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • L’Enfant Cafe, 2000 18th Street NW
  • Love Cafe, 1501 U Street NW
  • Mr. Yogato, 1515 17th Street NW
  • Pitango, 1451 P Street NW
  • Pointe Chaud, 1736 14th Street NW
  • Tabard Inn, 1739 N Street NW
  • Zorba’s Cafe (thank Baklava!), 1612 20th Street NW

Well Borderstanis… how will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? If you’re looking for more suggestions check out the TBD Valentine’s Day chat that Alejandra participated in!


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