Khelan Style: A Day-to-Night Transition

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From Khelan Bhatia. Got some style questions or comments for Khelan? Send him an email or catch him on Twitter.

Bonjour, Borderstanis. That day that all florists, peddlers of sweet, sweet confections and Hallmark employees anticipate/dread is quickly approaching.

While I’ll likely be watching a marathon of John Hughes’ flicks on my couch on February 14 (don’t worry, I’ll be dressed impeccably), you may be planning a romantic evening with your significant other.

For more information on my clothing picks, click on the photo collages or go to the bottom of this post for details. The men’s and women’s clothing layouts in Polyvore are fun!

Let’s assume you’ve made your reservation and planned your evening? Excellent. Let’s get down to business.

Since you’re working in the District, I’ll bet that you’ve got a pretty demanding job. In order to meet that deadline, you probably won’t have a chance to stop by your cute and stylish apartment after work and before you meet up with the love of your life for drinks and/or dinner.

No Pit Stop Required

With a few tips by yours truly and some visual aids, you’ll be ready for a night out on the town without having to make a pit stop at home:

    • Wear a couple of articles of clothing that can easily go from office wear to evening wear. A shirt or a pair of shoes or even a blazer that can be dressed down.
    • That morning, or the day before, bring a few items with you to change before you hit the town. For example, a pair of dark jeans or a more casual blazer. Slight digression: I highly recommend that everyone have a pair of dark wash jeans with little to no distressing. They’re dressy enough to wear to most fine establishments without being overly stuffy. I prefer a slim or skinny cut, but your mileage may vary.
    • Bring a little toiletries bag with some deodorant, cologne or perfume, face wash, moisturizer and a little product (if you need it for your hair).
Khelan Bhatia's Day to Night Style

Click for more info: A Day-to-Night scenario for men with leather oxford shoes. More details about each piece at end of story. (Khelan Bhatia)

Because pictures are worth a thousand words (and let’s face it, you’re probably tired of me droning on) here are couple of visual aids from Polyvore to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Oh, and if you haven’t gone to Polyvore before, I highly, highly recommend it. Hours of fun.

Transition For Men

So let’s start with the men. You’ll notice on the left there’s a conservative, yet stylish solid navy suit, and on the right, there’s a hip corduroy blazer and pair of selvedge jeans.

In the middle, you have three items that I like to refer as fashion aisle-crossers. (I see you rolling your eyes over there. It’s D.C — I’ve gotta throw in a couple of political one-liners.) Anyway, back to the clothes.

In the middle, there’s a blue gingham shirt, a solid orange tie and a pair of brown oxfords that will make you stand in the work place (when you’re wearing them with your suit) and impress the Hell out of your date on Valentine’s Day (when you’re wearing them with your corduroy blazer and fine denim).

For Women

And now for the ladies. On the left, there’s a very sophisticated black tuxedo jacket and pencil skirt with the accompanying accessories that would look great in almost any professional environment.

Khelan Bhatia's Day to Night Style (Women)

Click for more info: Day-to-Night for women with skinny leg jeans, Khelan shows you how to transfer from day to night. (Khelan Bhatia)

On the right, there’s a pair of skinny, black jeans, sexy knee-high boots and rocker-chic accessories that would fit in perfectly on date night on 14th Street. In the middle, you have a charming tuxedo shirt that anchors both outfits.

I want to profusely thank Alejandra Owens for her tips on these outfits. It was a blast navigating Polyvore with her.

Now that you’ve got your armor on, have a fantastic and fashion-forward evening with your date on February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day. Until next time.

About the Men’s Pieces

Day to Night (Women) by Khelan featuring skinny leg jeans

About the Women’s Pieces


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