SYMHM: TGIF the 11th

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Dupont Circle by

Dupont Circle: Spring will come again. (Photo credit: from Flickr Borderstan Reader Pool)

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We’re leading with world news and not a local item, so go ahead and pull a Snyder and sue me. The events unfolding in Egypt are something you absolutely need to know about, particularly since today may be the largest turn out in Tahrir Square. Get up to date with this Voice of America article.

Shakeups Here in DC: WJLA Takes Over Operations of TBD

The Washington Post teased the news on Twitter and then announced that WJLA-Channel 7 would be immediately taking over operations of on Thursday. The move seems to indicate a return to the old school, as previous names and identities will be returned to the television station, WJLA will get its own website and will remain as is. Be on the lookout for more chatter and potential fallout as the story evolves. Allbritton Communications owns WJLA, News Channel 8 (now called TBD TV), and Politico as well as some out-of-town media outlets.

Latest Response to the City Paper Snyder Lawsuit

I hope he knows I was just joking with my comment in the lead… at any rate, the Washington City Paper is not backing down from a fight with the Redskins owner. Local residents and readers are stepping up, as over $18,000 has been raised for the defense fund.

Do Not Mess with Will Eastman, But Do Go ASAP to U Street Music Hall

The place rocks, literally, and if you haven’t been, you are missing out. One guy will continue missing out, however, after incurring Eastman’s wrath (deservedly) for slamming the DJ’s laptop shut. Read the story and check out the new admissions policy if you’re under 21 at We Love DC.

Stuff You Should Not Miss: James Franco

Squee! James Franco will be in D.C. on March 31, supporting the Dave Eggers non-profit children’s literacy and tutoring center 826DC. There’s a save the date up, but no info on ticket pricing yet, reports CityStream. Indie cred with Eggers, supporting charity and looking at a pretty man… consider me there.


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