PSA 305 /U Street: Crime Down Slightly from Last January

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PSA 305 had 15 violent crimes in January 2011. (MPD Crime Database)

PSA 305 had 15 violent crimes in January 2011. Nine were robberies and six were assaults; two of the robberies were committed with a gun. The two gun crimes were on the 1300 block of W Street and 1300 block of Wallach Place NW. (MPD Crime Database)

The number of crimes in Police Service Area (PSA) 305 last month declined slightly from January 2010. There were 56 crimes compared to 61 the previous January. The decline was in property crimes; there were 48 property crimes in January 2010 and 41 last month. The number of violent crimes in PSA 305 increased slightly, from 13 in January 2010 to 15 last month. PSA 305 covers the U Street NW area as well as the Howard University area to the northeast.

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What does the trend line show? In January 2008, there were 102 crimes in PSA 307 (17 of them violent crimes) and in January 2009 there were 93 crimes (16 of them violent crimes). Over the past three years, property crimes have dropped by 52% while violent crime has remained stable. As a result, the total number of crimes decreased 45% from January 2008 to January 2011.

Specific Crimes in PSA 305

  • Robberies were up slightly. There were 11 robberies in PSA 305 in January (two with guns) compared to nine in January 2010 (five with guns).
  • There were four assaults last month, the same as January 2010 (when one was with a gun).
  • Gun crimes were down. Gun crimes are all crimes committed with guns. There were two last month compared to six in January 2010.
  • Burglaries were down. There were four burglaries last month in PSA 305, compared to seven in January 2010.
  • Thefts were down. Thefts decreased from 19 in January 2010 to 15 last month.
  • Thefts from autos were up. “Smash and grabs” increased noticeably in PSA 305. There were 17 last month compared to 11 in January 2010.
  • Fewer cars were stolen. The number of stolen autos declined from 10 in January 2010 to five last month.

PSA 305 Crime Stats for January

Police Service Area 305

Year Total Crimes Violent Crimes Property Crimes Gun Crimes Homicides
Jan. 2011 56 15 41 2 0
Jan. 2010 61 13 48 6 0
Jan. 2009 93 16 77 6 0
Jan. 2008 102 17 85 6 0
  • Total Crimes are Violent and Property Crimes combined.
  • Violent crimes are homicides, sex abuse, robbery excluding gun, robbery with gun, assault with dangerous weapon excluding gun and assault with dangerous weapon with gun.
  • Property crimes are burglary, theft, theft from auto, stolen auto and arson.
  • Gun Crimes are robberies and assaults committed with a gun. Gun crimes are counted here in Violent Crimes.
  • Homicides are counted as part of Violent Crimes and were most likely committed with guns.


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