SYMHM: President’s Day Weekend Roundup

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Happy President’s Day. (Photo credit: FrenchTwistDC from the Borderstan Reader Pool on Flickr)

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Happy Presidents’ Day (or Washington’s Birthday, as Wikipedia refers to it)! Hopefully you’re reading The Weekend Roundup from the comfort of your own home as the federal government has declared this to be a holiday. Be nice to the Borderstanis who were not fortunate enough to get a day off to celebrate our country’s leaders.

Maryland Moving Toward Same-Sex Marriage

Yes, it’s relatively far away from Borderstan, but we felt like it was newsworthy enough to bring out. State Senator James C. Rosapepe said that he would support legislation in favor of same-sex marriage when a vote comes to the Maryland Senate next week. Gov. Martin O’Malley has said he would sign off on the bill, if approved. Opponents could then petition for a referendum to overturn it, which would give voters the final say. The Baltimore Sun has the full story.

Townhouse Tavern Manager Back in Business

Earlier in the week, we covered the big to-do over at Townhouse Tavern at 17th and R Streets NW. Dominic Boone, the manager, was taken into custody for charges relating to drugs, weapons and money. As TBD reports, apparently the story is much more complicated than it seemed. Boone is out of custody and back to serving patrons. Despite its seemingly negative connotation, Boone actually thinks this may help scare the bad guys away and clean up the place a bit. Only time will tell…

It’s Way Past Christmas Anyway

Many of us were blown away over the last few days by the major gusts of wind. One casualty of the weather was the National Christmas Tree, planted during the Carter administration, which bid us adieu on Saturday night. According to We Love DC, the National Park Service was prepared for something like this and has already found the next tree in line to take its place, which will be planted soon.

It’s a Long Way Down…

We’ve all been there: after a long day at work, you just want to get to your dinner appointment, but the rush hour metro traffic is backed up because there is only one working escalator for everyone to use. Next time you get angry at Metro for their painfully inconvenient renovations, at least give them a little nod for addressing the problems. TBD reports on the Foggy Bottom Metro escalator that collapsed on itself — and took a few riders down with it in the process. You might want to avoid the station at rush hour over the next few months, if you can.


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