SYMHM: Hump Day February 23

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Dupont, Logan, U Street, Borderstan

News from the Dupont-Logan-U Street area (mostly).

From Michelle Lancaster. Got news for Michelle? Send her an email.

Rollin’ with Kwame

What do you need in order to do your job as DC City Council Chairman, as the city faces severe budget shortfalls and turmoil over a contentious primary? Why, order a fully loaded Lincoln Navigator, of course! The Washington Post used FOIA to nab emails that indicate his office insisted that it be black, inside and out, with a moonroof, DVD system and polished aluminum wheels. His defense? “We just asked for an SUV.” *****UPDATE: As of writing, Brown has returned the vehicle, according to the Post. Who says nothing happens quickly in DC politics?!***** Also, check out the take on the whole rolling-mess (we can’t help ourselves) over at 14th & You: “Navigating” DC’s budget: What does $90,000 get you?

Speaking of Rollin’, Expect More Philly Fans at Nats Games

Megabus has kindly expanded access from Philly to D.C., reports DCist. 13 daily trips to and from the city that brought you Rocky, kitten mittens and, of course, baseball fans that intentionally vomit on small children. May God help us all.

Same as it Ever was at DC9?

They probably skipped the Talking Heads reference point (I couldn’t resist), but live music returned to DC9 this weekend. As TBD reports, the biggest issue may have been an amplifier meltdown. The scene was apparently mellow, which is a relative term when discussing local punk rock.

Food News: Grab a Half-Smoke, Eat More for Charity but Hold the Trends

The Washington City Paper has the goods on a charity ‘half-smoke off’ slated for May 1.  Competing chefs will work to produce the best half-smoke — but don’t expect authentic Ben’s here. It’s the “chef’s interpretation” of the dish. If you’re still hungry and feeling giving, plan on eating out on March 10 for Dining Out for Life. Benefits go to Food and Friends, one of my favorite area charities. Check out the website to eat or volunteer. For those who are less prone to giving and more into snark, there’s a great piece in Salon about food trends. As DC opens more and more pizza and burger places, are we guilty too?

Update on iPhone Robberies

Terrence McNatt and his ‘Swisha Splash Boys’ were recently arrested as a ringleader of iPhone robberies on the Red Line. TBD has a look at the chronology of the arrest and the shocking volume of thefts the gang completed. Remember when we told you to keep a closer eye on them? Keep doing it! These are not the only snatchers out there.


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