SYMHM: TGIF February 25

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Dupont, Logan, U Street, Borderstan

News from the Dupont-Logan-U Street area (mostly).

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Sulaimon Brown Escorted From Office

Formerly best known as a minor candidate in the mayoral race who asked if Fenty loved his parents, Sulaimon Brown was escorted from his office by police Thursday. As TBD notes, Brown held a cushy $110k a year job in an administrative position. You have to read the whole story — it’s a twisted tale of who knew what when and what motivated his firing — which includes a press conference with Mayor Vincent Gray. Washington City Paper first broke the story of the drama yesterday at City Hall.

D.C. Residents, Congratulations are in Order on Tax Day

Few things make tax day easy for anyone, but for D.C. residents that day is a bit easier. Greater Greater Washington reports that DC residents have among the lowest tax burdens in the region. That distinction seems to be true regardless of whether one rents or owns, or tends only houseplants or has children.

Pink Slips at TBD Come as a Surprise

Perhaps the writing was on the wall when Jim Brady left after a few short months. Expected or not, the experiment known as TBD to transform local reporting for the online age has ended. As Washington City Paper reports, at least 12 staffers will lose their jobs as the site morphs to focus on arts and entertainment in the local area. Their local blogging community network is another casualty, and we will miss the connections it gave us to the rest of the city.

Metro May Restrict Students’ Use

The Washington Post has a story on how area students may be required to wear badges identifying their name and schools. The move comes as Metro tries to curb violence and thefts on the trains. A curfew has been discussed, but all decisions are just in discussion stage at the moment.

Comings and Goings: Subway and Bus Depots

The 14th and U intersection finally has a tenant, hurrah! However, it’s another Subway to the chagrin of some local residents, according to DCist. What would you have selected for the space? In other location news, the start of construction at CityCenter DC means the relocation of Bolt and Megabus. The lower reaches of our ‘hood will lose them to the alluring locales of near Union Station and N. Capitol Street, respectively.

Filming at Dupont Circle: Just DC Lottery

It seemed too good to be true, and it was. On a day where Alexander Ovechkin was shooting pucks off a Capitol One Bank roof, Dupont Circle had a film crew. Alas, no Russian superstars, just a new DC lottery spot says DCist.


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