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Garden District, Logan Circle, 14th Street NW

Garden District at 14th and S Streets NW will not reopen this spring. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. You can follow her on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Garden District Won’t Reopen This Spring

A hat tip to 14th & You for reporting that Garden District won’t reopen for business this spring after owner Joe Carmack posted the news on the store’s website. The business was in bankruptcy in November 2009, but Carmack reorganized and moved the store across the street to the current location last year. The original location was the site of the soon-to-be Standard hamburger place on the northeast corner of 14th and S Streets. (Garden District also briefly had an indoor plant store where Estadio is now located, at 14th and Church.) A certain member of the Borderstan team reports that he will sorely miss being able to walk over to 14th and pick up plants for his garden. Garden District was open for 10 years.

Worst Week in Washington, Solved? Mayor Gray Decides Background Checks Needed

By all accounts, the Gray Administration has had a tough week or two between vehicles, terminations and police in tiny buildings. We applaud his move, reported by the Post, to now require background checks for political hires. Or, in their words, “it is clear that the approach was not thorough enough to address all relevant issues and questions for Excepted Service appointments.”

Borderstan a Target Area for Billboard Questioning God

Have you seen the Center for Inquiry’s new ads questioning the need for belief in God? They’re at Dupont Circle and Farragut West — I guess our heathen ways made us a great test audience. NBC has the quick recap and a shot of the ads. They are also running on buses in D.C.

Thursday Happy Hour: Hope You Didn’t Miss it

TBD put together a “top nine” Thursday happy hour list. While it’s always good to know where to make sure Friday dawns in a hazy fashion, fueled by Red Bull and a greasy breakfast, five of the nine listed are in Virginia, one is in Bethesda and the two nearest our hood… well, let’s just say one is above a strip club and the other is a place no self-respecting 23 year-old-and-up should go on a Thursday. Surely, we can do better! Get to it in the comments. Momma needs a drink!

Former Ward 1 Candidate Fined

Ouch. Just in time for tax day, the Office of Campaign Finance fined former candidate Jeff Smith $3,400 for not filing financial information. Washington City Paper has the timeline of the story. Maybe the city really is collecting revenue any way they can fined? (Oh c’mon, I had to do it!)

Other Legal News: ACLU to Sue Over Metro Bag Searches

Not surprised to see DCist’s story on the planned lawsuit by the ACLU. The bag searches seem to be infrequent, by my experience only, but the ‘suspicionless searches’ of personal belongings has never sat well with civil liberties groups. Are they checking bags at Borderstan stops?


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