SYMHM: Hump Day March 9

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Corcoran Street NW, Borderstan

1400 block of Corcoran Street NW. (Photo from mattyillini, Borderstan reader pool on Flickr)

From Michelle Lancaster. You can follow her on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Tired of Paying Tickets? So are City Officials

So, they just didn’t, the Washington Examiner reports. Nearly half of city officials have vehicles assigned for personal use, and of those, there’s a hefty sum owed to the city — more than $2,500. Hopefully the flood of investigative journalism into the state of the city’s vehicles will spur them to pay up. Actually, strike that. Consider this the first call for a day of amnesty on settling up parking tickets. Who’s with me?

DC Police Officers Arrested in Stolen Goods Sting

See, times are tough. City officials can’t pay tickets and cops are allegedly buying stolen items. WTOP reports that these three officers appeared to be buying the items individually and it’s not related to the other officer accused of burglary.

Continuing the Crime Report, Lessons Learned from an (almost) iPhone Theft

Pretty great piece from TBD on what a woman learned from her near-theft experience on the Metro. It has some practical advice, but it’s ‘pretty great’ because of the larger issues raised in the piece and the woman’s ability to see past her own scary experience.

Biddle’s Petition Challenge Knocks Out City Council Challenger

Sekou Biddle has one less challenger in the at-large City Council seat. We Love DC reports that an initial ballot challenge has preliminarily removed Jacque Patterson from the race. Candidates Pat Mara (who we profiled on Monday) and Bryan Weaver seem to still have enough signatures to remain on the ballot, at least for now.

Get Your Grub On: Dunkin Donuts & Touchdown

DCist was killing the food news — we’ll start with their first look at Touchdown. Momo’s tried in the space, but this seems like a bit more of a full sports bar menu and concept. They also broke the news about Dunkin Donuts scheduled for the northeast corner of 14th and U Street NW. Yes, it’s another chain, but this is much better news than another Subway. (Yes, I’m tired and want a beer so this is important news!)


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