Photos: Sunday’s Farewell Party at go mama go!

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Sunday at go mama go! Click on the collage for photos from the event. Above, top row: portrait of Noi Chudnoff, Tom Goss, Special Agent Galactica. Center row are Manko Eponymous and Oneira Kallisti at left and Jeremiah Clark at right. Bottom row, from left are Jonathan Chudnoff, Barbara Papendorp, and Maureen Mullaney and Jason McCool. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Luis Gomez. See photos from Sunday’s farewell party at go mama go!

Sunday was a moving night for the crowd and the performers who gathered in “Noi’s Nook” at the rear of go mama go! After almost 11 years on 14th Street NW, the eclectic home goods store will close on March 31.

A group of friends, employees and artists (some spanning all three categories), headed by Jeffrey Johnson (aka Special Agent Galactica), offered a well-deserved farewell party and evening of appreciation to Jonathan Chudnoff and his late wife and store founder, Noi Chudnoff. Noi’s Nook was the site of numerous artistic performances over the years.

Noi was the driving force behind the successful retailer before her unexpected death in late 2007. She was also a huge supporter of the arts and of gay rights organizations, which was continued by Jonathan. (See Cecile Oreste’s post from last week, Sunday: Artists Celebrate the Legacy of go mama go!) Sunday’s event was also a benefit for ganymede arts (formerly Actors’ Theatre of Washington), Washington’s GLBT arts company.

go mama go! farewell party

Special Agent Galactica (left) and Jonathan Chudnoff of go mama go! (Luis Gomez Photos)

Hosted by Special Agent Galactica, the event featured performances by local musicians Tom Goss and Maureen Mullaney as well as Christopher Wingert, Tony Gudell, Noah Chiet, Dan Van Why, Ted Puntanen, Barbara Papendorp, Joce(lyn), Aaron Alexander, John Bailey and the ImprovArt Mashup with Jason McCool, Vanessa Terzaghi, Oneira Kallisti, Alina Hall Sabadish, Todd Gardner, Manko Eponymous, Eli Byrnes and Cameron Kearney.

  • Mandy

    The friendly and inviting shopping experience that Noi founded at Go Mama Go! ended when Noi passed. She loved her customers whether they were repeat customers or entered her store for the first time. After her passing you couldn’t even get an employee to look at you least of all say hello to you when you walked in. They always seemed to have an employee huddle in the corner dishing about this and that. Noi would have had none of that. Customers like to be welcomed, made to feel comfortable, and engaged in small community conversation, not like they are interrupting something. It is for these reasons Go Mama Go! couldn’t survive.
    Noi was a very special person to our community and has been missed since her last wave from the sidewalk in front of her beloved store.
    All retailers should take a lesson from Noi’s retailing handbook so as to not suffer the fate of the now soon to be history of Go Mama Go!. Noi, Sleep well my dear.

    • Sam

      Honestly, this is just such a ridiculous comment to make about go mama go! The staff there was always helpful and nice throughout the years. They still are!

  • QB

    I agree with Mandy. As a retailer I feel the current owners ran the place into the ground. The eclectic selection of merchandise that made Go Mama Go changed severely, and now we can all see the unfortunate end result. Sorry to so they messed with the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • A note here from the editor: Noi Chudnoff was the driving force behind the store — she started it and ran it. Her unexpected death left the store in Jonathan’s hands.


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