SYMHM: National Hangover Day Edition

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News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

From Michelle Lancaster. You read me to find out what you missed, so please tell me what I missed. You may mock me @michlancaster on Twitter.

St. Paddy’s Day and March Madness

Nah, I don’t think  you missed it. Hopefully you avoided the green beer, culturally insensitive, but delicious car bombs and irritating Irish people by incorrectly spelling it “St. Patty’s Day” (as our editor did yesterday before fixing it at the behest of an irate reader). Get in the spirit with festive animal photos from the Zoo, brought to you by DCist. You may be missing work today, and I know you didn’t do much yesterday as the NCAA basketball tournament kicked off. Don’t worry — if your bracket is already toast, at least know you can make Morehead State jokes instead.

Elementary Students Exposed to Cocaine

The students at Thomson Elementary weren’t feeling well, and went to the nurse. It was discovered then, TBD reports, that several students had either ingested or sniffed cocaine. School officials are investigating, but it appears a child brought it into school.

Borders Stores Close This Weekend

We Love DC reports that this weekend is the swan song for both locations in D.C. They are selling out their books, magazines and accessories as well as their furniture and fixtures. Go buy a book, a chair to read it in and a lamp for evening reading!

Caps Viewing Party Friday at Nellie’s

The Capitals are the only team worth the price of admission around here lately, and if you haven’t been to a game, I highly suggest you do. Since they’re away on Friday, go learn some hockey from one of my personal favorite hockey blogs, Puckbuddys, at Nellie’s Sports Bar.

The viewing party starts at 7 pm, so go get a drink and some grub, and cheer on our boys. Quick tips: the Caps just had a nine game win streak, while the Devils (their Friday opponent) are making an epic comeback in a bid for a playoff spot. And if you need any extra encouragement, most of our boys are pretty attractive.

Standard Now Open in Garden District Spot

U Street Girl alerts us that Standard is now open at 14th and S NW! Standard is Borderstan’s BBQ rival to Hill Country (in my head, anyways… everything is a competition in late March). That menu looks tasty and people were looking pretty happy when I walked by on Monday evening.

Gray Fires Chief of Staff

Washington insiders and most people following city news saw this move coming a while ago. Wednesday afternoon, Gray fired his chief of staff. The Washington Examiner has the full story on the move and what may have prompted the ‘resignation.’

Mara Stays On Ballot

Your source for all things related to the At-Large City Council election, the blog 426 provides a comprehensive recap of the latest round of approvals for candidates. Patrick Mara will stay on the ballot. The issues at hand are complicated, and 426’s recap is vastly superior to my musings, so I recommend checking it out. Other concerns raised by this get a thoughtful review — I had no idea D.C. didn’t currently have a third, minority party member on the DC Board of Elections.


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