SYMHM: March 23 Hump Day Edition

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dcracisk on Flickr, Borderstan reader photos, Masa 14

“133/365 – masa 14.” (Photo credit: dracisk in the Borderstan reader pool on Flickr.)

From Michelle Lancaster. I know what you missed, but what did I miss? Ping me on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Alleged Corruption at DC ABC Board…

After one member of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board, Mital Gandhi, resigned — citing a conflict of interest — a full investigation was launched into Chairman Charles Brodsky. As WTOP reports, the allegations are that Brodsky used his position to influence other businesses for his financial gain. He refutes the charges and says that Gandhi is ethically challenged. Mayor Vincent Gray has asked “D.C. Office of Boards and Commissions Chairman Ronald R. Collins to investigate the allegations against Brodsky,” according to WTOP.

Speaking of Alcohol,  Bier Baron Has Draft Beer Downstairs Finally!

The Bier Baron, formerly known as the Brickskeller, finally has taps downstairs! The The Washington Post has the full recap of the 28 drafts now available in the main basement area. I have yet to make it over to compare its new menu and draft offerings, but this may have pushed me over the edge. Who’s joining me?

You May Need More Beer, Since Your Tap Water Will Smell Funny

Okay, that’s perhaps a great rationalization but not necessary. Your tap water is fine, but may smell different due to a chance in disinfectant. DCist tells you why your water may smell like a swimming pool, not to worry and how long to expect it.

Muleh Now Has 3.1 Philip Lim

I’m excited, and I can’t even afford it! Here’s the Post recaplet. Muleh is at 14th and Swann Streets NW. The Feast has the full story, complete with pictures of a bag I’m dreaming of instead of paying rent this month.

Is It the Beer, Water or Handbags? D.C. Rated Happiest of Metropolitan Cities

My guess is that it’s all three, combined with pretty cherry blossoms and the current lack of hoards of tourists descending like locusts. I kid, I kid! But after being saddled with ‘worst traffic’ and ‘least attractive’ titles in the past, this one feels pretty nice. Washington Examiner has a nice wrap up of the survey.


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