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Borderstan, Elzabeth Taylor, Whitman Walker Clinic, 14th Street NW

In remembrance: Flowers for Elizabeth Taylor were left at the entrance to the Whitman Walker Clinic at 14th and S Streets NW on Thursday. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. Maybe it was the weather, but this was one LONG week. You know the drill, talk to me @MichLancaster on Twitter.

Whitman-Walker Clinic: Flowers for Liz

Following Elizabeth Taylor’s death on Wednesday, local residents left flowers in front of the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center at the Whitman-Walker Clinic (WWC). Located at 14th and R Streets NW, the clinic serves many people with HIV/AIDS. The clinic posted a statement on its website today regarding Taylor’s death. It reads in part, “Elizabeth Taylor was the first major Hollywood star to take up the banner of HIV/AIDS activism.” WWC named the center after her in 1993 to recognize her activism and Taylor came the dedication.

Census Data Says Ward 2 Must Shrink

If you’re a stats and/or chart geek, today was your Christmas. Yes, Borderstan, there has been a release of Census data! Greater Greater Washington does a fabulous job of analyzing the data for those of us liberal arts majors who count on our fingers to do math (um… don’t judge me). The quick and dirty: D.C. population grew, Ward 2 grew by a whopping 16% while Wards 7 and 8 shrank. That means redistricting of wards, including how to account for undercounting of minority areas like Wards 7 and 8. For those who don’t know, most of Borderstan’s coverage area is Ward 2 area (Dupont-Logan); Ward 2 also includes Shaw, Georgetown and Chinatown. The northern part of Borderstan is in Ward 1, which includes the U Street corridor, Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant. Ward 1 grew by about 4%.

Dupont FreshFarm Market Will Expand

I know it no longer feels like spring out there, but it’s coming! And with it, an expanded Dupont market, reports Washington City Paper. That’s welcome news to everyone but late risers — the expanded hours mean they are opening earlier, at 8:30 am. The market is Sundays only.

Meridian Hill Park Fountains are On

I’m telling you, spring is here. Or trying really, really, really hard to get here. This fountain is really a gem, and thanks to U Street Girl, I’ll be headed there for some soothing water sounds and some people and puppy watching.

Does Metro Board Member Owe Some Pennies to the Piggy Bank?

Let’s just say if I didn’t show up two-thirds of the time at work, I would not receive a paycheck. Marcell Solomon, a now barred WMATA Board Member, did just that, as the Washington Examiner reports. He earned more than $30,000 for his service on the Board. Check out the variation in payment based on the jurisdiction you represent.

A Near Miss: Planes Land at National Without Traffic Controllers

Sorry. I know this is well out of Borderstan territory, but when we’re talking about 737s landing without assistance, it’s a big deal to all of us. The Washington Post has the full story, including the thankful news that a second controller will be added to be on duty overnight. The really scary part? Oh, this happened about a year ago. If you’ve ever seen Pushing Tin (I don’t really recommend it unless you love Cusack like I love him), you’d agree with me that we’d rather have a strung out John Cusack landing planes than no one at all. Eek.

Food Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss: Swine and Bivalves

Mark it down on your calendars, kids! When the Republicans are cutting out pork in our nation’s budgets and Democrats, led by the FLOTUS, are trying to cut down on unhealthy eating, there’s no need to be partisan. Demonstrate your independence and hit up the pig roast on April 16 at The Heights. We recommend being a real pig and combining this with Hank’s Oyster Bar’s Oyster Fest, also on the same day

Booze Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss

I said booze. Of course you shouldn’t miss it! The it first up, is Ansonia Wines offering a wine tasting next Tuesday, March 29 at Local 16. If you weren’t persuaded by fermented grapes, I should add that the tasting is of new wines and includes free apps. The second it: Artini cocktails at the Corcoran. Vote for our own Chantal Tseng at Tabard Inn in Washingtonian’s contest. The event itself is Saturday, April 2 at the Corcoran and includes sips, art, dancing and dessert. Yum!

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