U Street: February Crime Up From 2010

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Click to enlarge: PSA 305 had 22 violent crimes in February 2011 compared to 11 in February 2010. (MPD Crime Database)

The number of crimes in Police Service Area (PSA) 305 last month more than doubled from February 2010 and was close to rates seen in 2008 and 2009 for the same month. There were 92 crimes in 305 compared to 44 the previous February.

The increase was in both property crimes and violent crimes. There were 22 violent crimes in the PSA 305 compared to 11 in February 2010, and the number of property crimes soared to 70 last month from 33 in February 2010.

As one reader points out in the comments, some of this is due to the Snowpocalypse effect of last year. However, there is also evidence that after substantial drops in 2010 that levels of property crime are returning to levels of previous years (please see links in the comments below plus today’s story in The Washington Post on increased property crime in D.C.)

PSA 305 covers the U Street NW area as well as the Howard University area to the northeast. All numbers are from the MPD Crime Database. Check Borderstan’s Local Resources Page for links to information on police and crime data.

Trend: In February 2008, there were 111 crimes in PSA 305 (14 violent crimes)… in January 2009 there were 100 crimes (17 violent crimes)… in February 2010 there were 44 crimes (11 violent crimes)… and in February 2011 there were 92 crimes (22 violent crimes). After a dip in 2010, rates appear to be returning to previous levels.

Specific Crimes in PSA 305

    • Robberies were up. There were 15 robberies in PSA 305 in February (four with guns) compared to seven in February 2010 (four with guns).
MPD, PSA 305, U Street NW crime, Borderstan

Click to enlarge: PSA 305 had 37 thefts from autos in February 2011 compared to 20 in February 2010. (MPD Crime Database)

  • There were four assaults last month, the same as February 2010.
  • Gun crimes (all crimes committed with a gun) were up. There five two last month compared to four in February 2010.
  • Burglaries were up. There were five burglaries last month in PSA 305, compared to one in February 2010.
  • Thefts more than doubled. Thefts increased from 10 in February 2010 to 22 last month.
  • Thefts from autos were up. “Smash and grabs” increased noticeably in PSA 305. There were 37 last month compared to 20 in February 2010.
  • More cars were stolen. The number of stolen autos increased from two in February 2010 to six last month.

PSA 305 Crime Stats for February

Police Service Area 305

Year Total Crimes Violent Crimes Property Crimes Gun Crimes Homicides
Feb. 2011 92 22 70 5 0
Feb. 2010 44 11 33 4 0
Feb. 2009 100 17 83 6 1
Feb. 2008 111 14 97 5 0
Source: MPD Crime Database
  • Total Crimes are Violent and Property Crimes combined.
  • Violent crimes are homicides, sex abuse, robbery excluding gun, robbery with gun, assault with dangerous weapon excluding gun and assault with dangerous weapon with gun.
  • Property crimes are burglary, theft, theft from auto, stolen auto and arson.
  • Gun Crimes are robberies and assaults committed with a gun. Gun crimes are counted here in Violent Crimes.
  • Homicides are counted as part of Violent Crimes and were most likely committed with guns.
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