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14th & R NW: More Condos Coming to Logan Circle

by Borderstan.com March 30, 2011 at 8:07 pm 2,845 11 Comments

From Tom Hay. Questions for Tom? Send him an email. You can follow him on Twitter @Tomonswann.

14th Street NW, Logan Circle, Ellisdale Construction, Luis Gomez Photos

Construction banners just went up at the long vacant lot at the southwest corner of 14th and R Streets NW. A spokesperson at Ellisdale Construction confirmed that construction of a 31-unit condominium project would begin around May 15. The property is currently a parking lot and was once a Zipcar location.

A check of D.C. property records shows that the owner of the property is Loford LLC. Back in February DC Mud reported on another property owned by Loford at 11th and V Streets NW that is being developed by Habte Sequar.

Sequar is also the developer behind The Josephine at 440 Rhode Island Avenue NW and Renaissnace @ Logan at 1618 11th Street NW.

The 14th and R property has had a number of owners and false starts over the years. At one time Robertson Development was going to develop the property. Robertson was behind the Visio, Woodson Row and Beauregard projects, all along the U Street corridor.

Just a block north of the property at 14th and S, developer JBG and Grosvenor broke ground two weeks ago for the District Condos project.

Of course many in the neighborhood will miss the love-it/hate-it mural on the side wall of the auto body shop adjacent to the vacant lot. A few years ago the mural was the subject of of an article by Washington Post art critic Blake Gopnik.

  • M

    I hope these developers (and buyers) know about this block and especially that south side of the 1400 block of R. There have been several hate crimes committed there by lower income African Americans who feel that “White fa***ts” should be beaten for daring to walk on the sidewalk there.

  • banana-rama

    I think an office building would have been better. We need more daytime traffic on the sidewalks on 14th Street. Will those developments up the street have any office space, or just ground-level retail? Daytime foot traffic would be a blessing for the locally owned small businesses. At the rate we’re headed, the only thing you’re going to be able to purchase on 14th is a $50 snack of “small plates” and a $10,000 sofa.

  • Rick Mangus

    Maybe this will help the start of a larger gentrification of this area and get the low-life freeloaders off of R Street!

  • Karl Marx

    Regarding the south side of the 1400 block of R St. Does the city own the properties there? If so, can’t the city sell the properties to a private developer and make some cash??? Ship the freeloaders and criminals living there to PG County and clean up the last hotbed of criminal activity in that portion of the city once and for all. I am sick of the anti-white racist taunts, mugging i-pod wearing joggers, the stories of their male offspring attacking gays and shoplifting over at Universal Gear and G-Star, etc. All of it stems from those criminals on that block who do nothing but LOITER all day long living off of our tax dollars.

    • kj

      The real Karl Marx would never make a comment like that. I’m white and gay and walk past there every day, no one has ever said a thing to me.

  • TiaBia

    I am left absolutely speechless by the comments

  • Sam

    Yes, there have long been some issues/problems associated with the block of Section 8 buildings on the 1400 block of R Street NW. Now, having said that, I really wish a couple of the people who posted comments here would go back and read them — I think they would see how ugly they sound. Is it necessary to condemn every person living there? Is it necessary to dump on poor people?

  • notsuchabadthing

    The apartments on the south side of R b/w 14th and 15th is owned privately by an affordable housing operator. This owner provides critical housing for those who fall below the $100k wanna be hipster yuppie that is now living in the 14th/U street area.

    Additional good news for those that hate providing clean and decent housing for the blue color people is that these apartments will be around for at least another 20 years as affordable housing for the working folks of DC. This is due to use of tax credits that were used to upgrade the apartments.

    • Correct, except I believe the 1st and 3rd buildings from the east end are owned separately from the other buildings.

  • BorderstanTom

    There are seven apartment buildings on the south side of the 1400 blcok of R Street. In 2009 five of them were renovated as affordable housing. See Washington Business Journal story http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2009/04/13/daily17.html
    I believe these are 1416, 1428, 1432, 1436 and 1440 R Street. The two others at 1420 and 1424 (The second and third in from 14th Street) are owned separately.

  • FoShizz

    I have lived in this area for years and have repeatedly observed residents of the buildings in question abuse, threaten, and intimidate passers-by. I’ve also spoken to several cops in connection with crimes committed on my street, who have said that a huge percentage of the thefts and assaults that take place in Dupont/Logan originate from those buildings. Hey, I’m all for lower income residents having nice inexpensive housing–on my street, even. And I’m glad that my tax money goes for such projects. What I’m not down with is subsidizing criminal activity in my own hood.


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