SYMHM: Happy Hump Day March 30

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It’s Hump Day. Treat yourself to a really good coffee. (Photo credit: FrenchTwistDC in the Borderstan Flickr Pool)

From Michelle Lancaster. You know the drill, talk to me @MichLancaster on Twitter.

Huge Fire at 14th and I Streets

Pretty scary-looking photos over at on the fire that broke out this morning. Apparently, a cooling tower was the source of the fire. The blaze was eventually brought under control and DC EMS was reporting no injuries as of this writer’s deadline.

Kite Festival Rescheduled to April 10

After the threat of Sunday snow, the newly renamed Blossom Kite Festival will now be held on the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. This is the first year the Smithsonian is not running the event, but the schedule of events should be familiar to kite lovers. See all the info at their site, including how to enter a kite into battle!

LOVE Sign Shows up at Dupont Circle

LOVE sign, Dupont Circle, Luis Gomez Photos, Borderstan

The LOVE sign in Dupont Circle. (Luis Gomez Photos)

I’m telling you, it’s there! I saw the pictures on Twitter, so it must be true. I guess everyone else has missed it so far, because I can’t find a report on it anywhere. Bonus points to the first reader that posts a photo (and yes, those points can be used for something real!) UPDATE: We got the photo!

Art + Yogurt = Sweet

Yola hosted the Bourgeon Art Journalism Award last week, which celebrates the talent of college art journalists. If you missed it, no worries. Yola has their work on display for you to peruse. And if you’re up for more than just dawdling over your yogurt, you can enter the raffle to win their work. Check it out at Yola.

Politics and Prose Get New Owners

With all the doom and gloom over bookstores lately, the ‘new ownership’ announcement at beloved local chain Politics and Prose could have gone very, very badly. Instead, the bookshop got some savvy owners in two former Washington Post reporters. DCist has the full sigh of relief.


D.C. has more than its fair share of traffic jams over trivial and often ridiculous things. Motorcades and accidents due to sun, the absence of sun, rain, the absence of rain and so on are things we are used to, even as we angrily complain. But a Beltway snarl up due to a flightless bird? Check that box, D.C. An ostrich escaped from a vehicle, the Washington Post reports, and decided to take a stroll on Connecticut Ave. near I-495.

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