SYMHM: TGIF April Fools’ Day

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Dupont, Logan, U Street, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

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Opening Day 2011 — Cold, Rainy and a 2-0 Loss

Apparently quite a few Washingtonians braved the rain, the cold and the impending sense of another tough season at the Nationals Opener yesterday. The The Washington Post has the full report on the day’s activities. There was no joy in Mudville today for political officials either, as DCist reports Mayor Gray was booed throwing out the first pitch.

Dupont LOVE Sign a Virginia Tourism Stunt

I’m claiming it — we broke the story and it was in our comments the Virginia Board of Tourism first ‘fessed up. Not that anyone besides me cares… but here’s the link to DCist, with a full explanation of the program.

At-Large City Council Candidates Speak Out at Forum

The candidate forum on Tuesday, co-sponsored by us at Borderstan and moderated by Tom Hay, was an excellent look into the individuals running. Check out our recap on the front page/News section, and we must also give credit to 14th and U’s excellent, snarkier summary.

Women Bikers Rule in D.C.

D.C. has one of the highest percentile of female riders, according to a study covered by Greater Greater Washington. Here’s why you should read the story — the ideas of why drivers are more deferential to certain women in certain areas. It should be a scientific study, sure, but the fact that gender comes into play while biking to work in a busy street? Maybe it’s just me, but I think bikers should be more worried about having safe lanes and following the law than if they are dressed ladylike enough to avoid being clipped by a commuter on a Blackberry.

File These Under ‘Sad But True, and Typical’

1 – Neon Green Water ‘Not Hazardous’, Says County. It’s Prince George’s County, well out of our area, but water the color of Hi-C’s old-school Ectoplasm Cooler being okay? That’s worth a read and a chuckle. TBD has the story of the creek that turned green.

2 – DC Bridges in Need of Repair. Apparently, 30 are structurally deficient! TBD has more good news on our nation’s infrastructure. Who needs structurally sound bridges when you live in a city that uses them for the majority of their major evacuation routes? Oh… crap.

3 – WMATA Considers More Cuts to Service. TBD says Metro is again weighing cuts to service (cue, ‘service, what service?’), this time to the midnight to 3 am service times on Friday and Saturday. It would apparently save millions, and the majority of TBD readers are opposed to cuts. Ah, budgets, what a paradox. Also a paradox: why the Red Line stops so often in between nearby stations.


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