SYMHM: TGIF and End-of-April Edition

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Robert Wone, Swann Street NW, Borderstan

Recognize this Swann Street house? It can be yours for $1.599 million.

I’m back from Italy… hope I didn’t miss too much. Tell me about it @MichLancaster.

Another Infamous House for Sale

While Bob Woodward’s source was named Deep Throat, that was about as tawdry as it got for Woodward and his apartment (up for sale and in Wednesday’s SYMHM). Not so for the house where Robert Wone was murdered, which is up for sale again (not by the owner at the time of Wone’s murder). The list price is $1.599 million and we’ heard there’s an open house this Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm. has more info on the house.

If you are a new resident not yet familiar with the tangled story, check out the comprehensive site Who Murdered Robert Wone, which is run by four editors who also live in the Borderstan area. Wone was murdered in the house at 1509 Swann Street NW on August 2, 2006. To date no one has been charged in his murder.

HR-57 Is Open, But No Longer in Borderstan

After a long hiatus in their move from 14th Street NW to Northeaset, HR-57 is finally reopened. The blog, DC Style is Real, stopped by this past weekend and seemed to like what there was to see. While it’s a longer trek for jazz fans, much of the original charm seems to have been retained in the move.

Kal Penn’s Mugger Uses Famous Card for Not-So-Famous Purchases

Police seemed to initially think Kal Penn’s mugging had something to do with his celebrity. As the case has progressed, however, it seems his attacker just wanted some gas and a Big Mac. Full story over at Washington City Paper – do you think the purchases add a ‘sad layer’ to the story, or are just what most stolen cards go on to pay for in the real world?

14th and R Project Progresses

PN Hoffman is moving full steam ahead with the property at 14th and R Streets NW. DC Urban Turf has the skinny on what to expect. Did you guess condos, condos and more condos? You win a prize!


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