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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

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Artist in Plastic in Living Room

Next time you get irritated that your roomate is hogging the living room TV to watch The Bachelor marathon, just be glad they’re not living in plastic in the middle of all your stuff. Phillipa Hughes, founder of the Pink Line Project, can tell you all about that dynamic, as she has artist Agnes Bolt living in a plastic contraption in the middle of her living room.

Washington City Paper has the details on the reasons for the project (examining relationships between artists and the people that buy their art), what’s included in the agreement (morning cheek kisses) and how the heck she goes to the bathroom. It always comes down to that in performance art, people, act like you’ve been here before.

Hoban’s for Creative Happy Hour

You know Irish poets and authors were creative people that may have tippled a few whiskeys while working. If you’re also creative, aspiring to or working in creative, interactive or regular old marketing and also want a pint or a dram, James Hoban’s is your ticket tonight. Details at Creative Connects.

Tax Increases on Highest Earners in D.C.

Both Mayor Gray and Chairman Brown have proposed tax increases on the city’s highest earners, but the proposals differ a bit. If you are bringing in more than $200,000, this is where you start paying attention. The Washington Examiner has the comparison and more information on what the budget process means for which version may end up in the final bill. For those of you already glazing over while trying to make your paycheck last until Thursday happy hour, it’s about itemized deductions. Go back to your wine in a juice box from TJ’s.

$76K: A Decent Salary or Some Nice Bookshelves

If you’re affected by that tax increase, maybe you can itemize your home repair and renovations. If that doesn’t work, you should just be a university president and have the school pony up $76k for bookshelves or $35k for stainless steel appliances. It worked, for awhile, for the University of DC president. WTTG has been tenacious in their coverage of the story and it’s worth a read to get the full picture of the spending spree.

Ward 2 Dems Meet on Redistricting

We’ve written a bit (maybe a lot) on the census data and what it spells for redistricting the city’s wards. I am sure, as a result, you have been moved to care deeply about what it means for your bars, restaurants, ANC’s and so on and so this blurb is for you. Mark your calendar, next Monday (May 16) Jack Evans will be taking Q&A on the process. 14th and You kindly provides the details and the email addy to send your questions to in advance.

No Food, Drink or Stormtroopers on Metro

Someone please tell me you have seen this sticker on the Metro! I’mserious — the first reader to see and post a picture in our Flickr pool will win a gift cert to a local Borderstan bar from me. DCist has a great pic up from what must have been a sticker made for May 4, or May the Forth Be With You. Sometimes I wish they were allowed on the Metro, I bet they’d make sure the tourists moved to the middle of the car as the anonymous voice kindly requests.


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