SYMHM: Lucky Friday-the-13th Edition

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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

From Michelle Lancaster. Tell me what I missed on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Lower Loan Rates Mean Higher Down Payments

Lower loan rates are coming to potential homebuyers as a result of the recent mortgage crisis. So, if you are looking to move away from that noisy patio bar or want to be closer to the action, what should you expect as of October 1? Urban Turf reports that you’re likely to encounter more stringent underwriting of loans, higher down payments and higher interest rates. It’s perhaps not all bad news, though; the smaller pool of buyers capable of putting down a big payment may drive prices down.

The Saga of the ‘Post Office’ Project

So, now you’ve decided where to buy. Be careful, there are commercial real estate areas near you that may cause a ruckus, either in applications for liquor licenses or while in operation! We reported on the decision by ANC2B to protest the ‘Post Office Bistro’ liquor license application earlier, but there’s more to this story. Fliers appeared in residents’ mailboxes and posted around the area earlier in the week, urging residents to protest the bistro’s application. A number of residents took issue with the fear mongering messages and anonymous approach and have been expressing their opinion in comment sections of some local blogs. Now, we find out from 14th and You and from Tuesday night’s ANC meeting that the flyer was the brainchild of Elwyn Ferris. Why does that matter? He’s the partner of local ANC2B Commissioner, Ramon Estrada. See Tom Hay’s summary from last night’s ANC 2B meeting: ANC 2B Votes to Protest “Post Office” Liquor License Application.

And Be Careful at the Dog Park

Other considerations for your new place may include a dog park. WJLA has the dirt on D.C. dog parks and some recent scary incidents for owners. It’s a good reminder for owners to pay attention to your animal, as well as the ones around you. Please follow the rules and be respectful of other people’s pets. Your dog is not your child, but it’s still damn important. And since it’s Friday and we’re talking puppies, here’s gratuitous linkage to some: the Shiba Inu puppies, puppies whistling and

No Puppies? No Problem, Sublet Comes with 16 Cats!

Huffington Post caught the Craigslist ad of someone willing to sublet their great D.C. apartment for the summer. It’s fully furnished… with 16 cats. The listing is roughly 4:1 information about the cats to information about the apartment. I was scared of people splitting studios, but this is much, much worse.

Drink for a Good Cause Today

Maddy’s, one of my favorite North Dupont bars, is named for Madeline Shields. Six years ago, she lost her battle with cancer and the bar honors her memory every May 13, Maddy’s Day. They’ll have food and drinks, as well as former Mrs. D.C., WMZQ and singer-songwriter Caitlin Lynn there throughout the afternoon. 100% of proceeds go to benefit the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, so go eat some of the best salsa in town, nibble their yummy flatbreads and have a Bell’s Oberon for me and fight cancer all at once.

Grab Bag: Duggars, Friday the 13th and Beer

Washington Examiner tells you the Duggars were in town, with most of their kids in tow. Missed it? Good work! If you didn’t and are still struggling to cope, Washington City Paper has a good read on the self-pour trend with bars and beers. Go pull down a pint (or 19 if you really did see the Duggars). Speaking of beer, celebrate all the superstitions and evil associations with Friday the 13th with some heavy metal air guitar. Solly’s is having an all-metal air guitar contest, starting at 8pm. The guys from DC Brau will be on hand to ease your stage fright with DC’s local beer.


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