SYMHM: May 20 TGIF Edition

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Borderstan, U Street NW, Luis Gomez Photos

1300 block of U Street NW: Be ready for “Judgment Day May 21.” (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. Tell me what I missed on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Shaw May Move to Ward 6

We all knew changes were in store after census results showed Ward 2 is too large. In order to maintain equal representation, the Council would have to redraw the maps. Moving Shaw is one suggestion, as we reported today. If it’s all too technical for you, we forgive you. It’s Friday, after all. Instead, play this awesome game from Greater Greater Washington and redistrict as you see fit!

Less Money, More Cars, No Problem?

Nothing gets D.C. residents all hot and bothered like parking restrictions. Those that have them should be quite pleased with the current tenor of the City Council, which is largely in opposition to graduated parking fees for a household’s second and third vehicles. They may also want to lower the price of parking meters and take them back to their old, shorter hours. Greater Greater Washington, however, is less thrilled with the tone of the debate that put car prices at a premium and other transportation issues on the backburner.

The Sweeter Side of the City

The 14th and U Street Farmers’ Market is one of the best in the city, and it keeps getting better. How, you may ask? Well, Whisked is now sharing their sweet treats (or salty, those salty oatmeal cookies are dangerous) at the market. Visit their website to pre-order and then pick up on Saturday. They were nearly all sold by noon last week, so get those orders ready!

Craft Mafia: The Softer Side of the City

After you get some treats from the market, get on over to the craft fair! Trust me, it’s cooler than those markets in a dingy VFW hall your mom dragged you to as a kid, with endless rows of dolls to cover up the TP in the bathroom (just me? The South is a weird place). The Craft Mafia is putting on Spring Thing on Saturday by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Washingtonian has the whole awesome story along with pictures of piggy banks with bacon on them. Enough said.

The Gayer Side of the City?

DCist poses the provocative question after reviewing 2008 results from a phone survey. The caveat that it’s self-reported data aside; it shows a pretty big jump in either the gay population or the willingness for respondents to identify themselves as gay to the surveyors. But let’s keep it amongst us, lest the religious righties blame this weekend’s rapture on our hedonistic ways.

Speaking of Which, Who Should Pay for D.C. Center?

The Washington Blade took a strong stance against public funding for the D.C. Center for the LGBT Community in today’s editorial. How strong is strong? Well, the words ‘naiveté’, ‘whining’ and ‘face reality’ are there in bold print, all in one sentence. The short version is the budget shortfall makes it unlikely and the Blade believes the Center would be better served by moving forward on its own.


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