Proposed DC Ward Maps Released (Yes, Shaw Goes to 6)

by Borderstan.com May 26, 2011 at 7:25 am 3,101 4 Comments

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Click on image for the map at Scribd: The DC Council subcommittee on redistricting has released a proposed redistricting map for DC’s wards based on 2010 Census results.

From Matty Rhoades

Over at Scribd, you can get a look at the proposed new D.C. Ward maps based on the 2010 Census results. In addition, the DC Council subcommittee’s report on redistricting is also available.

The information was released by email Wednesday evening from the office of Councilmember Michael A. Brown (I-At Large).

Yes, Ward 2 residents, Shaw does go to Ward 6 on the proposed map. In the Borderstan area, the eastern boundary of Ward 2 is now essentially 9th Street and 7th Street NW.

This map shows what territory was moved between Wards 2 and 6. The thick gray line is the current boundary between the two wards. The area being moved from Ward 6 to 7 is also visible on this map.

You can also compare the new boundary to the current one on the DC Citizen Atlas map of Ward 2 — the boundary now in this area is New Jersey Avenue NW. There are also some changes and additions to Ward 2 downtown and near the National Mall.

The eastern boundary of Ward 2 looks like a series of stairsteps and the addition of Shaw to Ward 6 would give that ward a neck or panhandle on the northwest side.

Today at 1 pm (Thursday, May 26) the subcommittee will vote on the proposed map — one map with all eight wards for the city. Members are Brown, Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and Phil Mendelson (D-At Large).

  1. Ward 1
  2. Ward 2
  3. Ward 3
  4. Ward 4
  5. Ward 5
  6. Ward 6
  7. Ward 7
  8. Ward 8

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  • sameastheoldboss

    On the new Ward 2 map it looks like a bit of ANC 2C/Shaw will stay in Ward 2, which means it will go to ANC 2F.

  • resident

    Wow. This is one of the worst solutions I could imagine for Shaw, which is now split into 4 Wards. Evans just got rid of most of his public safety issues and now we get to see how if Graham, Evans, Wells, and Thomas work on public safety issues together, or not!

    Political gerrymandering of the boundaries should not be allowed like this.

    • Carey Tabler

      wrong, @ resident. all of shaw goes into ward 6.

      gerrymandering? nah. it keeps all of shaw together and puts all of penn quarter into one ward. in other words, it united 2 neighborhoods.

      tommy wells showed a few things today:

      1) he cant maneuver his fellow CMs very well

      2) he is a crybaby. he did quite well thru all of this but came across as such a punk.

      3) he is a drunk.

      4) he drunk tweets.

  • Trulee Pist

    All you Borderstan readers look like smart people to me. Tell me, if Thomas, Evans, Graham and Wells meet regularly on quality-of-life, crime & development issues in Shaw, and keep splitting 3-to-1 on contentious votes, who will be that one? Will it be the one who happens to be your CM? Will that make you feel empowered?


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