Redistricting Process Offers Chance to Reunite 14th & U in Ward 1

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Brianne Nadeau

Brianne Nadeau is a former ANC commissioner. She represented district 05 in ANC 1B.

Editor’s note: After the DC Council approves a new Ward map with boundaries based on the 2010 Census results, the city will begin redistricting Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs). The following letter/column is from Brianne K. Nadeau, former ANC commissioner for 1B05 and represents the opinion of Nadeau and her fellow signatories, not The letter was originally posted Monday on Nadeau’s blog. welcomes similar columns of various and differing viewpoints — you can reach us at [email protected].

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From Brianne K. Nadeau

Tomorrow night [June 1], Commissioner Aaron Spencer [1B02] and I will offer this testimony on behalf of all those listed below.

June 1, 2011

To: Subcommittee Chairman Michael Brown
Re: Ward 1 Boundaries
Dear Chairman Brown,

We are writing today as representatives and residents of our Single Member Districts 1B02 and 1B05. Our districts are on the border of Ward 1, shared with ANC2B. As you know, during the last redistricting process in 2000, the southwest corner of 14th Street and U Street, NW corridor was removed from Ward 1 and placed into Ward 2. At the same time, Ward 1 held onto territory in Woodley Park that does not share the identity of the rest of the Ward. The ANC in Woodley Park that is a part of Ward 1 identifies itself so little with Ward 1 that it is actually called ANC3C.

14th and U NW intersection, Borderstan, ANC 1B, ANC 2B

The northeast corner of 14th and U Streets: Three of the four corners at the intersection are in ANC 1B, but the southwest corner is in ANC 2B. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Having our 14th and U Street Corridor split into two wards, literally down the middle of 14th Street, has had devastating effects on the development of our community, management of quality of life issues, as well as management and local leadership of our commercial district. While the rest of the 14th and U Street corridors have grown steadily and positively, we have seen many missed opportunities on the Ward 2 side of the corridor. Once again, we feel the primary jurisdiction of our commercial district and should reside within one ANC, and that ANC should once again be 1B.

We ask that you consider returning the aforementioned parts of Ward 2 back to Ward 1 as you move forward in the redistricting process. Over the last ten years this commercial area that makes up the heart of ANC1B has fought mightily to preserve continuity and foster smart growth, but it has done so with one hand tied behind its back, and just barely. We ask that as a part of the redistricting process you provide us with the tools to make sure our neighborhood and our local commercial district continues to fulfill all its promise.


  • Commissioner Mary Streett, 1B05
  • Commissioner Aaron Spencer, 1B02
  • Former Commissioner Brianne Nadeau, 1B05
  • Former Commissioner Phil Spalding, 1B02
  • Bryan Martin Firvida, Former President of U Street Neighborhood Association
  • Scott Pomeroy, Former Director of 14th and U Main Street Alliance

Joined in support by:

  • Commissioner Deborah Thomas, 1B04
  • Commissioner Juan Lopez, 1B07 [chair of ANC 1B]

Cc: OANC, Councilmember Jim Graham, ANC2B, ANC3C

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