Readers Pick Logan as D.C.’s Gay Neighborhood

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Logan Circle, General John A. Logan, DC's gay neighborhood

What would General Logan have thought? The Logan Circle neighborhood was named as the center of the gay community in D.C. by 34% of voters in the poll.

From Matty Rhoades

For the second year in a row we asked readers, Where’s the D.C. gay neighborhood in 2011? Again, a plurality of poll-takers said, Logan Circle.

However, fewer said Logan Circle this year than last. But, fewer said Dupont, too — which was long recognized as the center of gay life in D.C. until the last decade.

About 34% said that Logan Circle as the center of gay life in D.C., compared to 38% last year. But, the percentage who said the center is Dupont Circle dropped from 14% in 2010 to 12% in 2011.

If you combine the Dupont, Logan and U Street responses, you get 54% of voters in the poll, compared to 58% last year.

U Street and Shaw?

This year more voters responded that either the U Street area or Shaw was the city’s gayest neighborhood. The percentage who said either U Street (8%) or Shaw (4%) climbed to 12% from 8% last year.

So 1970’s

Just like last year, four in 10 respondents said that the D.C.’s gay neighborhood was either Everywhere and Nowhere or This is such a 1970’s question. This year 22% said Nowhere and Everywhere and 17% said it was a 1970’s-style question. We’re inclined to lump these two responses together because we’re guessing that these choices reflect a belief among many people, straight and gay, that the city is, overall, a relatively easy place for gay people to live.

Poll Results

Here’s the results for the 2011 and the 2010 polls; the 2010 results are in italics and parenthesis.

  1. Logan: 34% (38%)
  2. Everywhere and Nowhere: 22% (21%)
  3. This is such a 1970’s question: 17% (18%)
  4. Dupont: 12% (14%)
  5. U Street: 8% (6%)
  6. Shaw: 4% (2%)
  7. Other: 3% (1%)


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