SYMHM: Halfway Through June

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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street (mostly).

By Michelle Lancaster. Got a hot tip? Tell her on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Police Respond to Mt. Pleasant Barricade Situation

This is so bizarre — sharpshooters and cops arrived Tuesday afternoon in Mt. Pleasant responding to a possible barricade situation. Why do I think it is so odd? Well, he’s apparently barricaded with a “screwdriver” and is not believed to have a gun. Check out the pictures in Washington City Paper to see how the police responded to the distraught man. Hope everyone stays safe.

DC Flag Tattoos a Hit on Flag Day

To bring attention to the still-conspicuously-absent lack of a D.C. vote in Congress, D.C. Flag Tattoo Day was organized last night in Dupont Circle. I have seen some awesome ones, notably on some tasty chefs around the city. District Love organized, and has some great pics already up on their site. Add your own to our Flickr pool!

Residents Split on Expanded Recall Efforts

ABC 7 reports that residents’ efforts to spark a recall of City Council officials has expanded recently. You probably already knew about the storm clouds brewing around Chairman Kwame Brown, but check out the article to hear about his latest problem with campaign finances, and learn about other members with pending ethics “challenges”.

What to Think About on Bike Lanes

Well, you’re probably not a cop, so you lose the option to pull over the vehicle that just bumped you from behind. DCist brought our attention to a fabulous blog post, describing an incident involving a bicyclist who was a cop, an idiot driver and what happens when the good guys win. Please do not start using this as inspiration on those bike lanes, folks. Note the danger she was in, initially and later.

Red Line Bomb Scare Prompts Another Scare

If you have ever attempted to leave D.C. at rush hour, you know the perils we face if there is a disaster. Many unfortunate Metro riders found out just how scary an evacuation can be on Monday, after a rider threatened to kill herself and riders with a bomb. It happened outside of our readership area, but the trickle down effect certainly affected Dupont Circle Metro patterns. See what the Washington Examiner has to say about lessons learned.

More Drinks for Good Causes

I swear it’s not the only reason I write this. But if you’re going to be out anyways, you may as well contribute to a good cause. On June 23, you can visit Adams Morgan on a non-weekend night and join a “Happy Hour for Hope.” That sounds pretty sweet, especially when paired with six participating restaurants. Thanks to 14th & You for the heads up.


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