Chef Profile: Joseph Evans of Lost Society

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Lost Society, Chef, Joseph Evans, U Street NW

Chef Joseph Evans at Lost Society (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Alejandra Owens. You can find her on Twitter at @frijolita and her food blog One Bite At A Time.

Check out Alejandra’s pre-opening profile of Lost Society.

Name: Joseph Evans, chef at Lost Society
Age: 28
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current Residence (neighborhood): Arlington
Tattoo Count: 0

Borderstan: What brought you do D.C?
Evans: An executive chef position with Smith and Wolensky.

Borderstan: Lots of chefs have a cause or nonprofit they support-what’s yours?
Evans: For now, it’s paying off my ridiculous student loans.

Borderstan: Favorite dish on your menu?
Evans: Dry aged rib eye topped with Gruyere cream.

Borderstan: Favorite dish on someone you admire’s menu?
Evans: Michel Richard’s 60-hour short rib.

Borderstan: First thing you cooked that made you be like, “damn, I could be a chef”?
Evans: Osso buco.

Borderstan: Favorite season to cook during? What ingredient gets you fired up?
Evans: Spring. There are so many fresh new ingredients at the farmers’ markets. Example? Ramps, I love them.

Borderstan: Advice for home cooks or folks who are afraid to get into the kitchen?
Evans: Just get in there, it feels so good to bring people happiness with food. There are many places that have amateur cooking classes.

Borderstan: Worst injury-still have a scar? Pics welcome.
Sliced across the top of my hand with my brand new Shun on my way to work. After a brief stitching up at the local hospital I returned to work a couple of hours later to help butcher.

Borderstan: Are you a yeller in the kitchen?
Evans: I have been known to be a little loud.

Borderstan: Favorite joint to get a drink?
Evans: Black Rooster but it has been too long.

Borderstan: You have a whole day off-what do you do?
Evans: Spend it with my family.

Borderstan: What’s your comfort food?
Evans: Tacos, I love all kinds. That is the number one thing that I miss about Houston. There are taquerias everywhere and are open all night.


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