SYMHM: July 1 TGIF Edition

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EV Charging Station, Reeves Municipal Center, 14th Street NW

Did you know there’s an electric vehicle charging station on 14th Street just north of U by the Reeves Municipal Center. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. Talk to me on Twitter @MichLancaster.

Woman Falls to Death at W Hotel

The Washington Post has the most details out of local media on this bizarre story. Apparently, the woman had been drinking at the rooftop bar, POV, when she climbed a security fence, was seen one floor below hanging onto an overhang with her hands and then falling

No other details, like the amount of alcohol consumed, identity or why so many witnesses can report her climbing a fence without one reporting they attempted to stop her, are available yet. However, the Crime Scene blog at the Post updated the story yesterday afternoon, saying that the woman is thought to have committed suicide.

D.C. Job Postings Including World’s Oldest Profession

I’m sure by the time this runs, D.C. will have fixed it. However, DCist is reporting that the jobs database includes a listing for ‘exotic dancers’ at the Stadium Club. For the moment, the club is one of the website’s preferred employers. Hey, it makes sense — flexible hours, merit based pay, right? The website in question is, by the way.

Human Rights Campaign Store Vandalized

Raw Story has the odd story of the Human Rights Campaign store being vandalized. It’s maybe not what you think — the group that claimed to be the perpetrators of the vandalism are not anti-gay. Instead, they are a radical LGBT group that is calling themselves “The Right Honorable Wicked Stepmothers’ Traveling, Drinking and Debating Society and Men’s Auxiliary” issued a release about the vandalism.

More Bad News: Unemployment Rises in D.C.

Washington Examiner says about 11,000 more Washingtonians joined the ranks of the unemployed in the last month. The federal government, our biggest job grower, has slowed and jobs have started to dry up as a result. The good news? The unemployment rate is still much lower in the city than the national average.

Puppies: Do They Belong Everywhere?

Good question. Since I live in a building that doesn’t allow them (but we allow small, loud and sometimes smelly children, I don’t get it), I am all for more dogs everywhere. People in Maryland will get to decide if they feel the same way while eating dinner out. TBD has the story on a change in Maryland law that will allow dogs at restaurants with outdoor seating. We have tons of doggy friendly places in the ‘hood; last week, I oohed over a pooch while getting highlights at Bang! Salon on 15th Street.

New Patio, Good Beer and Sprinkler Fun

I’m endorsing before going, that’s how sure I am that good beer for less than $7 and a homemade mister are worth a trip. Boom. Oh, hang on. I’m talking about Dodge City, which will open their patio this very weekend. Dodge City is near Velvet Lounge around the intersection of 9th Street and U Streets. Washington Post snapped some good pics, check it out on Sunday when they host ‘Rock Flag and Eagle’ with American tunes spun by the Kicks DJs, who you may know from the Black Cat.

Non-News: Government Thinks Metro Can Do Better

Yeah, I was surprised, too. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) was asked to review the WMATA’s management and board structure and governance. They found WMATA doesn’t spend enough resources on planning and can’t measure their performance. Washington City Paper has the story and link to the full report. Why is it that, even when your concerns are validated, you don’t really feel any better? It may be that you are still walking up the Dupont Circle escalator after waiting 20 minutes for a train. Just a guess.


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