BorderStyle: Hair, Hair… Flow It, Show It

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Blondie's Hair Studio & Spa, Roberto, Khelan Bhatia

Just scissors, please! (Khelan Bhatia)

From Khelan Bhatia. You can follow Khelan on Twitter @KhelanB. He lives in the U Street area and writes about style for Borderstan.

Hey there, Borderstanis. Hope you had a terrific 4th of July.

As tourists overrun our city like the Visigoths that they are let us not (even silently) judge their lack of fashion sense and mediocre grooming. It’s not completely their fault.

So speaking of grooming, we all know that the cherry on top of any fashionable sundae is a fabulous haircut (please forgive the ice cream metaphor… it’s summer).

And my favorite cherry jar, so to speak, can be found at Blondies Hair Studio & Spa, located on the northwestern edge of Borderstan: 1910 18th Street NW, on the second floor.

My friends know that I can’t commit to save my life, but I’ve been going to Roberto at Blondies for well over two years… easily the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

Summer cut: Khelan Bhatia, left, with Roberto at Blondie’s Salon. (Khelan Bhatia)

He’s been able to successfully tame the wild cowlicks in my hair , which is no easy feat. And even when I get a close cropped haircut, as I usually do in the summer, he doesn’t use clippers. Classy.

Also, I’ve recommend Roberto to a number of friends, who have a variety of hair types from coarse to fine to curly to straight. They’ve all become fans.

For this season, I highly recommend a style that’s very close and tight on the sides and back with a fair amount of length on top. It looks great with all face-types, including those with rounder or square faces.

During the week, I go all Mad Men and part my hair on the left for a more professional look. Over the weekend, I let it go a little crazy… depending on my mood. The product that allows me to do both is Clay by L’Oréal Pour Homme. It’s got a great matte finish (I hate shiny!) and doesn’t leave any nasty residue.

That’s it for me this time. Talk to you soon.


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