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by Borderstan.com July 6, 2011 at 10:30 am 10 Comments

Scott Leibowitz joins the Borderstan.com writing team.

Editor’s note: Borderstan.com welcomes a new contributor, Scott Leibowitz. In his own words: “Scott may not be the trendiest, but since age 8 when he realized going pro wasn’t an option, he has watched Sportscenter every morning and rooted for his beloved New York sports teams (despite being from Jersey). Schooled in Foggy Bottom, he plans people’s financial futures by day and enjoys his front lawn of 18th Street Adams Morgan by night. His father the basketball coach taught him his game, and he is always open for a quality discussion on the pros and cons of the designated hitter rule or anything else.

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From Scott Leibowitz. Find me on Twitter @Lebodome.

Hello, Borderstan! How’s it going? My name is Scott and I am new to Borderstan.com. I am here to bring a little sports and outdoor activities into your digital reading space. I am from New Jersey living in D.C., and working for a small financial services company from my room right on the 18th Street strip of Adams Morgan.

My goal is to make this column a mix of sports topics from Borderstan, D.C. and the rest of the world. The focus will be on Borderstan-area activities, including sport leagues, bars to enjoy games and good running routes. I hope to chronicle some of the things I see from my window, as well as a healthy dispensing of Internet links. Feel free to comment or follow me on Twitter at Lebodome.

Old Business Before New Business: I Love June

With the excitement and fun of fireworks, barbecues, and humidity, the time around July 4th is probably one of the best chunks of days on the calendar, especially as it kicks into the deep part of summer.

However, the inevitable passing of our Independence Day also means that June is gone. Why be so sad about June? It’s just the last month of school and full of dog days? Well for those more-involved sports fans like myself, June represents the most jam-packed month of professional athletic competition of the year.

So for a short break from your work, enjoy this short recap of June:

My Comcast account finally felt valuable last month. I left a few minor things off this list like the College Baseball World Series and general professional baseball (Nats climbing out of the gutter despite random coach quitting). My roommate even watched the Women’s World Cup (which is still on, GO USA!), but sadly I missed that one. Which ones did you enjoy most? Did I miss something? Comment back to me. Plenty of good choices.

Thought of the Week

The Major League Baseball All-Star game is coming up, so wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one Nationals player? Vote for LF Michael Morse and be a D.C. sports fan

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links Here!

Next Week: Meridian Hill Park: Is it the best for Frisbee and dog walking?

  • Beatrix

    How about some love for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, going on now in Germany? Women’s National Team player Lori Lindsey lives here in Borderstan!

    • Lebodome

      Pro athletes in Borderstan, I wish I had known. It even says so in her Wiki page.

      Here is the Love. USA vs Sweden today on ESPN today @230.

      Question for ya Beatrix (one that many pro coaches face): USA made the next round- rest the starters today or go for the higher seed?

  • Big Guy from NYC

    Is Nadal vs. Djokovic a bigger rivalry than Nadal vs. Federer? I know that Rog may have lost some of his gusto, but their battles still keep me on my toes everytime.

    Also, how long until we see another tennis player jump into the fray of winning? It seems like professional mens tennis is simply a 3-horse race and everyone else is simply second-tier. Am I wrong here?

    And everyone knows Meridian Hill Park is best for Frisbee walking. No question.

    • Lebodome

      Fed-Nadal is still great. I only mention Nadal-Djokovic as previously it was very one sided at the slams. After Wimbledon though, the Serb showed why he is #1 player in the world.
      Wont see another slam winner outside of Top 3 (Fed, Nad, Djok) on anything but a hard court (US/Aussie Open). More likely for upsets on a neutral court. Last one to get one not in that 3, Juan Martin Del Potro at US Open.

      Yes, the time honored tradition of frisbee walking is great in that park.

      • Does Nadal need to flatten out his strokes against Djoko? Would that help? He’s not getting enough depth with the heavy topspin — against Djoko it seems to be a problem.

        • Lebodome

          First, love all the tennis comments. It’s actually my favorite sport.
          Second, I think recently its been more about Djokovic increased coverage and massive improvement in fitness. The guy was all over the place and got back a lot of Nadal forehands that are usually winners. Not sure its Nadals game to flatten it out and go for more. I’d like to have seen him get into the net more, which he did well in every match except the Wimbledon final.

  • Matt from CT

    Whatsup lebodome?
    I’ve been wondering about this for a while and i was hoping you could give some input. The way sports leagues (the big three) are set up in the USA, with the draft system of players coming out of college, many times smaller market towns/teams that do poorly, over time, end up with winning squads (IE the tampa bay rays, the OKC, the soon to be nats with strasberg and harper, and the not-as-soon to be wizards). In the UEFA league there are no drafts, players are offered contracts and signed really at any age. I believe this leads to a system where the best teams remain the best, because they have the most money, and it is nearly impossible (nearly, because it does happen) for smaller market teams to make a run. These smaller market teams end up only having hometown and lovable loser support groups (unless the strike gold with an unknown who becomes a superstar), which puts them in this continuous cycle of losing (not a big fan base=not a lot of money=cant pay big names = cant win = not a big fan base). But yet, UEFA is the far more popular US sports leagues (im not sure about if it’s more profitable, but i would assume so). Which do you think on the issue? whos got it right?

    • Lebodome

      Whoa. Serious qu from Conn. Ill break it down to make it easier.
      1. I find UEFA massively uncompetitive. Sure any team can make a run, but rarely do you see it. The Premier League in England is a prime example, only 4 teams have ever won it. Teams can literally buy anyone they want for Oprah money. The last 20 yrs of Champions League winners are mostly all from Spain, Italy, and England, coincidentally the richest leagues.
      2. I’d like to some fact behind that popularity claim. Americans LOVE their football and spends lots of money on it every year. Also, think of the numbers. Billions of people play soccer, how many play baseball?
      3. Not matter of right and wrong. But boy I am glad to be from the NYC sports area, our teams generally do well.

  • cuminsidethelebodome

    Meridian park is best for dogs who play frisbee, the two are not mutually exclusive. Oh and its great for setting off fireworks too. I love AMERICA!

    • Lebodome

      Haha yes sir. Defiantly not mutually exclusive. Fireworks eh? I thought I heard a blast this weekend from that area…


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